I can't connect my wallet to Astar dapp. And problem with Polkadot.js

Hello, guys, i have 2 issues
I participated in 2nd lockdrop. Now i wanted to send free-vested ASTR to AstarPortal for staking. But i couldn’t do it because AstrPortl didn’t see this wallet. All my wallets exept from only one. I decided to sent Astr to that wallet. I did it, AstrPortal saw my money. But after that i got a problem with wallet. I created it in polkawallet (i used there DOT and ACA), i don’t know why i added this account to polkadot.js. But i did it. And right now a ican’t do anything with this account because a have a problem WrongPassword exactly in polkadot.js. On my phone in polkawallet all good, but here - fault. I know it’s a right password.
And so i have 2 problems.

  1. I can’t connect to AstrPortal with other wallets, which i have. I think i should create new special wallet for this activity??? i have “injected” “ecdsa” “sr25519” kinds of Astr wallet.
  2. How i can come back my money from 2nd wallet? Because i can’t understand it. Wrong type of wallet? Polkawallet doesn’t have Astr network. May be other wallet? I lost my Astar there?
    i am a not master in Polkadot system. It’s a first time when i have problem.

Please restore the json file of the plasm lockdrop wallet to the polkadot.js extension.

Restore all okay ,dude

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