I introduce myself - I support Astar Network and Shiden Network

Hello everyone, I have been following Astar Network assiduously since the beginning, but now I have decided to actively participate in the life of Astar Network. My name is Francesco, and I’m Italian, even though I’ve been living abroad for a year now, mainly between Lithuania and Greece. I have been involved in the crypto world since 2015, and on a professional level I have always divided myself between online trading, IT, and investor and customer relations (in the latter case as an employee of companies or as a representative of groups of shareholders).

In Europe, I followed the development of the European digital agenda, and I dealt with the digital divide in Italy, involving Italian and European political institutions (writing also books about european digital and economic development), also involving the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the European Parliament. As proof of this, I enclose some documents obviously censoring my private addresses.

Since 2020 I have followed the vicissitudes, even if not positive, of a large crypto group listed on the NASDAQ that originated in Southeast Asia, specifically between Hong Kong and Singapore. I followed them for a personal level and also representing many shareholders and deal with IR team and senior management.

I finally decided to put my face on this project, as I find that Astar Network has enormous potential and could be one of the main factors that can lead to a mass adoption of the crypto world by bringing real use cases. It is useless to mention the numerous partnerships because you already know them very well, but I invite you to reflect on the future that awaits Astar Network, both for the EVM world but above all for the WASM world, as it will be the latter which will be the key to completely transforming the crypto world and the multichain segment.

I believe that Astar Network can concretely become the one and only public blockchain in all of Japan and can incorporate all Japanese Web3 on it, from businesses, to banks, to the CBDC, to schools in the metaverse, to commerce, up to tourism with projects similar to those of South Korea.

I also want to go even a little further. I greatly appreciated the initiative of creating a section on the Astar Network website dedicated only to Japan, but I personally add that I believe that Astar Network can make a difference also as far as the ASEAN project is concerned.

I am publishing this post also because on more than one occasion last year I found myself speaking with European politicians and entrepreneurs from South-East Asia, and I have always wanted to explore the theme of Astar Network, but I have always held back as I did not have the authority, and I still don’t have it, but I’m posting this presentation also because I want to inform you that if I have the opportunity, it will be my concern to try to promote Astar Network as much as possible.

A big wish to Sota Watanabe. I know how to recognize a person who will lead the way, and Sota is one of those people.


Thanks for the introduction and nice to meet you here.

We are always positive to support community members who want to contribute to the growth. I always believe that it is only by collective effort that not only we can find the moon but the moon will find us.

Do you mind sharing how do you want to contribute and what kind of support you need?

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Thanks a lot for the answer.

Of course, with great pleasure I answer your question.
I state that I am not a computer programmer, at the IT level I worked mainly as a computer technician and administrator of company IT systems (quite simply managing servers, passwords, etc. for employees and managers of small and medium-sized companies). The rest of my career is based on sales, IR, marketing and public relations.

Specifically, the contribution I want to give to Astar Network, having worked in contact with many institutions, is to try to put Astar Network and its founders in contact with public and governmental bodies to forge strategic partnerships, and also to introduce Astar Network to potential private companies that may be interested in partnering or building on the Astar Network.

For now I don’t need anything, although I like to know that I have your approval and a contact person in case I manage to organize something.

For now I don’t need anything else, I am a fervent believer in the Astar Network project and I find that it has enormous potential to say the least, which if addressed in the right way could lead to a great revolution in the crypto world. I think Astar Network will be able to do what many L1s that are now in the top 10 can’t and will never be able to do.

I hope to be able to make my part for this project and also to know people that want to contribute to change something under the technological point of view.

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We have many team members who are based in Europe, both devs and bizdevs. So, in case that you are in contact with any prospects and would like to organize events or formal meetings, feel free to reach out to me here or in Discord mamora | ape.astr#9486. I will then bring the subject to the rest of the team.

We are all in to go for mainstream adoption. What we are currently doing in Japan, we are also wanting to do it globally.


Hello @FrancescoRos please join the Astar Italian Community on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @AstarShidenNetworkItalia so we can speak and know each other or write me on private on Telegram at Telegram: Contact @LucaPoggi :wink:

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Hi, I entered in contact with the Italian community and in the next few days we will better investigate a possible action plan for Astar Network. They are really good people.

In the meantime, I have already moved doing a little research in Japan, as in my opinion development in Japan is a priority and secondarily in the rest of the world.

I got in contact with a member of the Osaka International Business Promotion Center, in order to organize seminars, workshops or presentations and meetings with Osaka companies able to bring a partnership between the city of Osaka and Astar Network. They said they would be interested. Could Astar Network be interested in a partnership with the city of Osaka?
I also explained to them what the advantages would be for local companies in Osaka to use the technology offered by Astar Network.

In the meantime I have also already contacted other counterparts in Japan but am still waiting for a reply.

Let me know if it is of interest and possibly how we can coordinate so that a partnership takes place between Astar Network and the city of Osaka.


Thank you for working for us as a part of community member. I know some people at Osaka city. If they have a pain point that they would like to solve with web3, I am more than happy to speak with them.


Great. So I’ll go deeper with the contact I have and see what can be done.

I received an email from Osaka International Business Promotion Center, who I was already in contact with. They are interested in setting up a Zoom call with me next week to talk about setting up something with the city of Osaka for Astar Network. Do you want to participate so we can explore together a possible solution or opportunity for Astar Network in Osaka? I would like that you or @moonme will participate since all of you are founders and team members, me I am just a community one.

They deal with partnerships on behalf of the city of Osaka, in fact I got their contact through the website of the municipality of Osaka.