Astar Network and JCB, possible partnership with the brokerage of the Mayor of Fukuoka, Soichiro Takashima

Regarding a possible partnership between Astar Network and the Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) for the test of the future CBDC for the Japanese Yen, it seems that the JCB will also involve the city of Fukuoka for the tests. In this case, the Mayor of Fukuoka, Soichiro Takashima, can be the link to connect Astar Network with the JCB.

Cointelegraph put in the same article the tests of JCB, Astar Network’s partnership with Fukuoka, and the recent Japanese city that has adopted and integrated the metaverse and Web3 technology for students.

All this can be realized in many opportunities for Astar Network to expand in all Japanese realities, from private companies to government institutions.

Astar Network has the opportunity to become the official public blockchain for all of Japan, in which its technology from EVM to WASM will allow not only the growth of technologies related to Defi and Web3, but will allow all of Japan and Japanese institutions to make the digital transition to the Web3 where the metaverse will be involeved and there will be a seamless integration of the Japanese CBDC for all the Astar Network ecosystem.

To carry out all this, however, it will be essential to officially sign the various partnerships. In this case starting with JCB.

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I am speaking with a lot of stakeholders in Japan and making a solid partnership takes months or even years. we are on it.


I also think it is a winning strategic idea to forge a partnership with the Japan Credit Bureau. Congratulations Mr. Sota for the recent partnerships with the city of Fukuoka and NTT DOCOMO respectively. From what I have read, these partnerships will make Astar Network the basic and primary public L1 infrastructure of all of Japan. Basically Astar Network will be the main Japanese public blockchain and will also be the tool through which all Japanese infrastructures will pass to the Web3 and new technologies.

In reference to the other user’s proposal, I think the recent partnerships may also pave the way for an alliance with the Japan Credit Bureau to test the Japanese CBDC. If I can add one thing, I think that in the future also a partnerhsip or information events with the Japanese Central Bank can be very important for the growth of Astar Network.

To date, no one in Japan is doing what you are doing, so you have the opportunity to be the one and only provider of blockchain infrastructures for Japan’s digital transition from every point of view, from smart contracts, to the metaverse, to industrial and commercial technology, gaming, public infrastructures, up to the infrastructure for the sustainability of the future Japanese CBDC. Basically everything that will be on blockchain in Japan will go through Astar Network.