Partnership between Astar Japan Lab (Astar Network) and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)

Since Astar Network is now generally considered to be Japan’s leading blockchain, my proposal is that the Astar Network Team should continue in this direction with institutional partnerships.

It is excellent that many Defi projects are being developed on Astar Network, but the main success factors for Astar Network will be the complete integration with companies such as Konami, Bandai, Sega, etc. that are investing heavily in the NFT sector, Web3, etc.

Specifically with regard to the Web3, the partnership of Fukuoka and Astar Japan Lab, can open the doors to an immensity of opportunities for Astar Network, as in Japan the blockchain dynamics have very particular regulations, in some ways stringent and in others dedicated to scalability if you know how to deal with it right.

As the Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) has announced the start of testing its infrastructure for the CBDC, in which it specifically aims to build a platform for the future Japanese CBDC, currently being tested by the Bank of Japan (BoJ), my proposal is that Astar Japan Lab enters into a partnership with the Japan Credit Bureau to help them build this infrastructure or let them build on Astar Network.

The future for the Japanese CBDC in my view should also include an integration with Astar Network and its entire ecosystem. The partnership with the city of Fukuoka has shown that this is possible, although we are still at the beginning of all the work.

In this specific case the Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) could use the Astar Network network to test the infrastructure for its CBDC.

JCB plans to complete development of the new payment solution by the end of 2022 and to launch demonstration tests in real stores by March 2023.
Also with regard to practical experimentation, Astar Network lends itself very well thanks to the strategic partnership with the city of Fukuoka.

I also take this opportunity to urge greater dialogue with political institutions, given that the Japanese Prime Minister has said he is in favor of state investments in the Web3 sector.


Are you from JCB? Having a partnership with JCB would be great. We will expand Astar’s presence in Japan for sure. And I am aware of CBDC and having an “official” Japanese YEN on Astar is very much needed for our success.


No, unfortunately I am not part of JCB, but I know of the tests they are carrying out on a large scale in Japan. Given that Astar Network is currently considered the first blockchain in Japan not only in terms of size, in which of course there are other competitors, but in terms of institutional reliability and ecosystem, I think that for JCB there would be no problems in partnering with Astar Network, indeed, I think it is necessary for them and they would be happy to do so. I’ll tell you more, the fact that you are partnering with Fukuoka gives you an added incentive to be part of the JCB tests. You have an important opportunity in your hands because if you continue with this path Astar Network in the next five years will be the official public blockchain of Japan, as the largest L1 realities to date are not as well integrated in Japan as you are, so you have a big advantage. I will try to write to JCB but I believe that if you contact them, as far as I know they will be happy to enter into a partnership.

Anyway as far as I know JCB needs a lot of test partners, and Astar Network is the only one who has the human and technological capital to offer the best testing opportunities for them, so it’s a win-win operation.


I searched their website and for partnerships I found this email address:

In any case, I agree with what the other user said, namely that JCB needs new partners for testing, and to date they don’t have any company that offers blockchain infrastructures, not even big players like Solana, Avalanche, Near, etc. have been involved, and given that Astar Network is the candidate to be the public L1 of all Japan and has a partnership with Fukuoka that will also go into commercial establishments, I would say that JCB will more than willingly accept a partnership, indeed, I think they are not waiting for nothing more than to be contacted. They will be very happy to be contacted by Astar Network.

I put the email but I certainly think you have more direct contacts in Japan. I’m sure they will accept because from the info I have, they aim to create an infrastructure but to date they have no support from any L1, and given the position of Astar Network this makes it the best candidate.

I add one thing, but I hope that in the future someone will make this proposal, it is important that the Astar Network Team continues to support all Japanese institutions both public and private in the transition to the Web3.

The Japanese Central Bank itself seems to need a CBDC education, which is why JCB then took over on this project. In Japan, no one has been interested in the development of a solution for CBDC and Web3 transition and none of the various L1 and crypto companies, and this makes Astar Network the only candidate to establish this dialogue with banking and political institutions.

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