Increasing maximum unlocking chunks to 10

Now the dApp staking unbonding Eras is 10, but the maximum unlocking chunks is only 4 (even less than the number in Shiden)
If an user have had 4 unbonding chunks, then he can’t do unbond any more on the next 6 days, that really make people anxious, and it’s easy to make them angry considered that you have already locked the funds for 10 days, then why do you even hinder the unbonding action?

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With the parameters have been set, one just have to plan ahead.

Be advised that dapp staking is good for long term. If you want to be liquid, then you need to have another strategy.

Take note that all unbonding actions and the amount of chunks are consuming resources.

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About the resources, how about pay some fees to get more unlocking chunks?

agree with that. the chunks not enough.

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