dApp staking - Unbonding implementation


Moving towards dApp Staking v2 the first new implementation is the unbonding period. In general terms, bonding is a process by which tokens are temporarily locked. Staking is one of the scenarios that require tokens to be bonded. Unbonding is the action of telling the network that you want to unlock these tokens. After the unbonding time, which is 5 days for Shiden, you can withdraw the tokens, and they become a transferable balance. It will create a more healthy ecosystem. These changes are connected to the new dApp staking tokenomics to create a much higher APR.

Shiden Network will have an unbonding period of 5 days. Astar will have a longer unbonding period but these numbers are not decided.

Runtime upgrade: Wednesday February 2nd


Currently, users can unstake all their funds immediately. There is no unbonding period and theoretically, users could jump between apps as much as they want during a day. There’s no real weight to making the decision except for paying the transaction fee.

Another problem is that at the moment users are rewarded for eras even though they haven’t fully participated in them. Unbonding period prevents users from immediately unstaking everything in the next block.

How to unbond

Please follow the steps here:


What impact does this have on those of us currently staked on wallets like Moonstake? Should we unstake all.
SDN now and wait for a wallet update, then restake, or is it OK to just leave SDN staked in current projects while the update occurs? I don’t want a situation of SDN being held hostage until Moonstake updates their wallet if that’s a potential issue.

There is no impact for you, you can keep on staking.
Nothing needs to be done on users end.


Thank you for confirming.

As documented for shiden the unbounding period is 5 days. But how long is it for Astar after the runtime upgrade on wednesday?

Currently no unbonding period because dApp staking is not yet activated on Astar. This will be after the staking festival and will be longer than on Shiden.

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At this time unfortunately I can confirm Moonstake Wallet’s Dapp staking is now completely broken on Android app. Staked funds are completely inaccessible, although I appear to still be receiving rewards daily. This is what I was hoping to avoid. The UI does not update to show any available staker # value information and clicking Claim button goes to a blank screen. My 1000+ SDN are stuck until this is fixed.

A bug report was filed with Moonstake Wallet and I informed them of your recent changes, and to contact you directly if needed.

If a fix isn’t expedited I see no reason why @sota should continue to fund @Moonstake with SDN funds.

If you are not satisfied with their contribution, please make a topic to delist Moonstake from our portal. Then, I can make a poll and decide whether we will delist them or not.

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I will be happy to when I get my 1,060+ SDN back from their broken buggy app. UI still broken as of now and not a single reply from @Moonstake techs after sending multiple messages of bug reports to their contacts.

In the meantime I highly recommend you reach out to the TrustWallet developers to inquire about SDN Dapp staking. I’ve been using their wallet for over 4 years now and not 1 bad thing to say about it - devs reply promptly and fix issues immediately. Moonstake is doing an absolute disservice to SDN right now Thank you.

Hi @echelon7,

We are very sorry about the SDN Dapp Staking issue on the Android App. Our team is currently working to resolve this issue and will be uploading a new version very soon. We will inform you as soon as it becomes available in the store.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

Moonstake Team

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@Moonstake I have found a bug, I am not able to sign in to the wallet.

Here you can find details.

Hi @echelon7

Sorry for keep you waiting. We want to inform you that we have updated our Web Wallet, Android, and iOS wallet to fix this issue. You should be able to be able to access to your staked funds now.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience this may caused!

Moonstake Team

The issue was fixed days ago, now @Moonstake SDN Dapps interface is broken again with the same exact issue as previously reported.

I thought Shiden gave Moonstake funds for development? Nothing has improved since SDN staking was added months ago to Moonstake wallet, it constantly has issues, extreme interface lag and the interface has been in a half broken state or not working at all as of current month.

Get it together, fix the issues, and improve the Dapps interface or I will be creating an official post for the Shiden community to vote, with notes of my repeated issues and complaints, to remove Moonstake from Shiden Dapps.

This is absolutely frustrating and a disservice to Shiden. You are generating SDN revenue for development, but your wallet and SDN Dapps in particular continues to be in a broken state, funds inaccessible or stuck in limbo.

Your app reviews on Google Store are full of 1-star ratings with other major issues you haven’t resolved or addressed, yet you ask Shiden for development funds, and hastily put together a broken Dapps interface where you earn but don’t improve? Absolutely outrageous.

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@Moonstake My 1066 SDN were Unstaked from Dapps over 10 days ago. Yesterday the 1066 SDN showed as Unbounded status in Moonstake Wallet, and I clicked the Withdraw button and started the process to regain possession.

The SDN Blockchain shows the Withdraw process succeeded and the 1066 transfered to my account wallet, but Moonstake Wallet does not show the balance. Where are my 1066 SDN?

@sota The Moonstake Wallet SDN Dapp glitches are inexcusable. I’m basically an unpaid alpha tester for the last couple months.

Successful Unbounded SDN Withdrawal according to SDN Blockchain, yet no 1066 SDN funds deposited back to my Moonstake Wallet.

Go to office FAQs ,that could slove it

@Moonstake Please respond to support ticket #7578 - Shiden SDN Staking Unbonding & Withdrawl - I sent my information and there’s been no response from support for 3 days now. I want my 1,060 SDN retrieved immediately, they have been tied up in limbo due to your wallet bug/UI issues for months now.