Individual claim on Shiden


Moving towards dApp Staking v2, the second new implementation is the individual claim. The previous feature was the unbonding period. Read more:

NOTE! These new features are only for the Shiden Network! Astar Network will only get the mature version of dApp staking!

Today, we release the individual claim. Before the individual claim, anyone could click on ‘Claim’, and everyone who was staking on that dApp would receive the rewards. It mainly was the developers themselves who pressed claim to give all staking rewards to their stakers. From now on, everyone needs to claim for themselves. You only need to press claim in order to claim all rewards from all dApps to collect all the rewards from your last claim.


With the individual claim, we upgraded our code to improve the general experience for our users and the weight used on our network to make dApp staking more scalable. In short, we can now increase the number of stakers for each dApp, there is no limit set in the depth of the claimed periods, and the goal is to make the user responsible for their staked tokens.

How to claim

  1. Visit our one-stop place for Astar ecosystem:
  2. Connect to Shiden Network

  1. Make sure you connect with the wallet you used for staking on the dApps.
  2. Click on the tab ‘dApp staking’. You can now see the ‘Claim’ button at the top of the page. You can only claim when the button is enabled. If disabled, this means that the new staking period hasn’t ended since your last claim. When clicking ‘Claim’, the only thing left to do is sign the transaction.


  1. When the transaction is signed, it takes around 1 min to send the rewards to your wallet.

We will upgrade Shiden Runtime on Wednesday, March 23, 2022