Introducing Star Ai ~ First Ai Project of DOT is on Astar Network

The superfast adoption of ChatGPT has changed the way we use technology. Ai has become the most interesting, most used tech of the year and brought brilliant opportunities and made everything a lot easier and fast.

And it is time we experience the power, efficiency and magic of Ai on Astar Network as well!

Introducing Star Ai, the first Ai project in the entire Polkadot Ecosystem; a super advanced, fast and incredibly easy Ai that can create STUNNING images from just a few words in a matter of seconds.

What is it and how does it work

ChatGPT brought us the best text based Ai and here we are bringing a text to image Ai, a project built on top of custom SD with data models that exceeds 3000 Gigabytes, yes, you heard that right. You may have seen the many Ai models like MJ, Dalle, Deep Ai among many others and maybe even familiar with a few and understand the setup and hardware difficulties to use them even when they are open source and Star Ai changes that difficult, tech savvy only area into a simple layman friendly Dapp.

Now that you know what it is, let’s take a look at how it works

It’s pretty simple actually. You tell the Ai what type of visual you want, with specific details on the things to focus and the things it must avoid while generating the image and then you can select the style, design, image size and other options and voila! Your image will be generated in seconds.

Let’s take a look at an example. Let’s create an Anime girl with purple eyes, white hair with a ponytail a dagger in hand and scarf around neck in a magic background.

It’s that easy, you can keep fine tuning by giving additional details in the prompt and also by changing the design concepts, styles and other settings.

We built the user interface in an easy to follow and simple way but at the same time we wanted to help the users understand how ai works and the tech stuff around it by giving details about every single setting and how it all works so they know what they are doing and use it in a much more effective way.

Access Options

Star Ai comes as a fantastic gift to the Star community. Holders of StarCards and Star tokens and even Samui holders can access the platform free of charge, with unlimited usage and excellent support.

There are three completely free access options for our community and the tiers are, if you have

  1. At least one StarCard and $100 worth of Star tokens
  2. At least on Samui and $200 worth of Star tokens
  3. At least $400 worth of Star tokens

And for everyone else in the Astar community, you can access the platform with $20 worth Star tokens for 30 days, that is the Access Option 4. You can simply visit StarSwap and get enough Star tokens (currently the premium is set at 10000 star tokens which is equal to $20) to start using our Ai.

The above figures are a point to begin the platform and are subject to change later on based on Star DAO decisions (that’s governed by StarCards).

Star Ai brings more value to Star Token and its holders

The most important thing that decides the success of any DeFi project is its utility. When a project (and its token) has more utility, it becomes more valuable. In our case, in addition to all the existing stuff, Star Ai adds a fantastic real world utility.

Star Ai can help content creators, designers, social media marketers, influencers, bloggers and even the NFT creators. Anyone who wants a stunning image can rely on our Ai and even if you are just looking for some inspiration to create something on your own manually, Star Ai can be of great help.

With some creativity, Star Ai can create brilliant visuals that will outperform your expectations. This real world utility of the platform is going to be the best thing about Star Ai.

We have also added custom features like image upscaling to enlarge an image to 4K when you want something you’ve created to a bigger resolution. You can also add images as reference in case if you’d like to create images that look similar in angles and setting, so much more is coming and we are upgrading it as the technology enhances.

Governance by Star Cards

The project Star Ai is also bound to StarCards like everything else in the StarSwap community and is governed by our StarCards holders. Any decision, updates, changes are governed by StarCards and you can see the DAO for it already live on StarSwap.

Future Plans

To Introduce a revenue model for StarCards holders and Star token holders.

With Star Ai, our primary concern is the cost of maintaining the HW for the project. A 3TB data driven project needs extremely efficient HW and that could go up a lot based on the usage. We will know how much from the % of subscription premium (from the Star tokens non-holders pay to access the platform) within the first few weeks of the project and we intend to make the rest of the margin split equally among our StarCards holders and Star token holders. So this will become a huge advantage for the entire community making StarCards and Star tokens even more attractive other than the price factor Star tokens can experience because of the requirement of having it to access the Ai.

We are launching Star Ai in the next 5 hours. See you on the other side :slight_smile:

If you need some help and more guidance and examples, please join our discord: Star Swap


Sounds interesting!
I’d like to give it a try.

Sure, please. We are live:

Dapp here: