Proposal: Astar Network Meetup Prague, Czech Republic

Astar Network Prague Meetup Proposal

Event Date: October 23rd, 6:00 PM

Expected Guests: 25~

Budget: 3200 ASTR (Approx. 3,000 CZK ~ $128) - $88 snacks + $40 SWAG 5x t-shirt with Astar Logo.

Event Overview:

Greetings Astar community,

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Astar Network meetup in Prague, scheduled for October 23rd at 6:00 PM. This event is designed to unite blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and anyone intrigued by the Web3 ecosystem. Our meetup will not be limited solely to Astar Network; instead, it will encompass a comprehensive introduction to Polkadot, aimed at attracting a diverse and engaged audience.


  1. Introduction to Polkadot (Petr - Polkadot Ambassador):We’ll kick off the evening with a presentation by Polkadot Ambassador Petr Menšík. He will provide an overview of Polkadot, its goals, and its significance in the Web3 space. This introductory session will help us engage a diverse audience interested in the broader blockchain ecosystem.

  2. Astar Network Presentation (Matt - Astar Network): Next up after the Polkadot discussion, we have Matt from Astar Network stepping onto the stage to provide an in-depth exploration of the Astar Network. During his presentation, Matt will dive into Astar’s distinctive attributes, practical applications, and its significance in the Web3 ecosystem. This segment promises to be the evening’s standout moment, with a keen focus on Astar’s growth trajectory and its vast potential. Furthermore, Matt will be sharing noteworthy updates from the Astar ecosystem and shedding light on the various projects within it, offering valuable insights.

Event Budget Allocation:

We are requesting a budget of 3200 ASTR (approximately 3,000 CZK) to enhance the meetup experience for our guests. The budget will primarily be allocated to provide a small banquet for our attendees, creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for networking and discussions. For most active members we bought also 5x Astar T-Shirts. We will provide an invoice from the venue manager for this banquet and for SWAG.

Expected Impact:

Our previous meetups in Brno and Prague have attracted between 15-30 participants, and we anticipate a similar turnout for this event. By including an introductory session on Polkadot, we aim to broaden our reach and draw more attendees interested in the Web3 ecosystem. Astar Network will be the central topic, ensuring that attendees leave with a comprehensive understanding of its potential.

We believe this meetup will foster connections, discussions, and knowledge sharing within the Astar and Polkadot communities. We are excited to host this event and look forward to your support in making it a success.

Social impact: - 94 followers - 871 followers - 3713 followers

Polkadot CZ/SK | Facebook - 4755 members

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,



You can add another small amount for swags raffle, 3 or 4 printed shirts with Astar logo will be nice too. 6-7 usd /shirts usually.

I support! Great initiative:)

I am speaking on behalf of myself. I support this.


I fully support this proposal, but please @Matt at least add a budget for some swags! =)

Amazing! Glad to see more and more activities to speak,share and discuss about Astar/Polkadot :grin: Totally support the proposal :+1:

Great initiative, I fully support this proposal, and agree with others, add some swags, maybe you should also do some social events to get more people involved :slight_smile:

Great initiative, thanks for organizing this meetup.

Thank you all for your warm and encouraging comments! We decided not to include swag in our proposal due to the high cost in our country. For instance, a basic t-shirt with an A5-sized design on the chest currently starts at around $11. We want to be mindful of our budget. However, if you’re interested, we could consider providing around 5 of them as special rewards for our most active participants, which would be truly fantastic!


Great initiative, you have my full support!

I know the guys from Polkadotters and they are doing a really good job as Polkadot Ambassador. With you representing Astar, I don’t doubt the high quality of this meet-up.

You have my support.

As the others suggested, you can ask for more funds to include swags, if it’s still expensive in Cz, a small amount of t-shirt as special rewards seems a good option. :+1:

Gaius, Astar & Polkadot Ambassador :astar:

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Great. This is by far the most simple and coherent proposal I’ve seen this week. Go and deliver :fire:

Thanks Matt.

Ouw yeah that is quite pricey.
It is up to organizers to include swags or not. But from my own perspective requesting another 30-35 usd for 3 swags is good. Considered free walking billboards for at least 1 year if the receivers use at least 4 times a month :slightly_smiling_face:

I really would like to see some T shorts & stuff ! It will be a good reward and a good memory about the event :smiley:

Hey guys I edited total budget based on that drop and added budget for 5 t-shirts with Astar logo! Tell me what do you think? :slight_smile:


I support this proposal and think the budget is pretty fair.
How are you planning to share with our community the outcomes?
Thanks @Matt

I’m still okay with that. Looks good for me.

Thank you Pit, really apprecited!

To your question: We plan to share the event’s outcomes with our community through video and photo reviews, as well as feedback from the audience. This will provide a vivid and engaging recap of the event, ensuring that everyone can access and benefit from the experience.

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Hello everyone,

The event was fantastic! We had over 15 attendees at the house, the food was delicious, the beers were excellent, and we had lively discussions that lasted until midnight with some brilliant ideas. Thank you for making this event possible!

I’ve attached photos from the event as well as the accountancy report.

If the vote passes, here is the reimbursement address: YMFxavc4wzMncNBKr6NkuPwNkp2C78hYhX6kkF7BD4jrhp2.

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