Issue regarding astar testnet network

my astar testnet chain is syncing i can see logs, it is synced to headers, but when i am hitting with rpc calls it is giving me only block and also blocks are not increasing in postman response but block height is up to date in logs & when I restart the chain I can see the latest block in postman response for only once then it will repeat the same block in every rpc call but block height is up to date in logs

RPC call used - chain_getBlock & eth_blockNumber (already enabled the evm rpc)

The imported blocks are increasing but best block are stucked at 6510577

[Parachain] :sparkles: Imported #6510829 (0x34a2…73b3)

[Parachain] :zzz: Idle (8 peers), best: #6510577 (It is stucked at one block )

Hi @adityanirvana
The best place to have support for technical question is discord.
You can post your question in the channels “collator-lounge” or “general-builder” of Astar discord

sure will post in those channels

Hi @GuiGou
nobody has replied to me yet on those two channels
what to do now ?

Just wait a little bit :slight_smile:

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Hey buddy! You are already being properly supported through our discord server :smiley: