Lock Block rewards for developers to avoid insta dump

1.Team need to reduce block rewards for developers from 50% to 20%.
2. Burn 50% of block rewards to maintain deflationary.
3. Also lock Block rewards for developers minimum 3 months. Afterwards release 10% release each month.


I disagree, the reason for the price dumps is not because of dApp staking. The price was dumping even before staking began, and when you compare the amount of shiden dApps are getting its nothing compared to lockdrops 30% supply and 21 million coins.

Instead of making developers earn less and de-incentivizing them. We can work on burning fees and getting shiden to more exchanges so that the volume increases and all lockdrop coins are sold faster and the price becoms stable and organic growth can begin without sell pressure.

Right now over 90% of the circulating supply is from lockdrops. They control the price and they are the only ones that can sell below ATL at a profit.

We need to incentivize developers, make them earn more shiden, and make that shiden price outweigh the development cost on shiden in order for dApps Staking to work and for the cycle to continue.

If we lower dApps staking rewards and the price keeps getting lower, then at some point the amount of shiden the dApps get will be less in $USD terms to the cost of development on shiden in $USD which means they end up losing money.


Ok, we can give same % but we need to lock some period…

The block rewards for developers is 40%.
We cant burn 50% because we also need to use this for:

  • Our treasury: this is a very important tool when aiming for a DAO
  • Our collators: they are securing the chain

The more dApp will be in our store the less each project gets. Also the first ERA’s we doubled the rewards and this is also no longer active.


Ok, how much possible that much team should burn

What we can do is an unbond period for projects.

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Shiden seems a dead project now … I guess astar will get the same faith for sure.

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curious, are there any proofs that projects are selling SDN? Our decision shouldn’t be made by random emotional logic. Please show us the data, please.

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So far, I found that SCV.finance sold SDN rewards from dApps staking 20 days ago.

Transfer of 2500 SDN to an Exchange, 21 days ago :
- Subscan | Substrate based blockchain explorer
- Subscan | Substrate based blockchain explorer


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please see DApp Staking 2.0