My stake on dapp lost

hi I staked around 5000 astr on two separate dapps now I want to unstake from both of them in my staking section,I saw one of my dapps and I started unbounding process successfully but I didn’t see another dapp that I staked my astr on it , it some kinda lost or removed because I only see my already started unbound process dapp and that’s it no more dapps

I use ledger astar app with polkadot extension on google chrome

this subscan of my wallet


I found this procedure and it solved my problem


Hi @mahdi

Some dApps have been delisted from dApp Staking and if you were a staker on these dApps, that why you did not see your staking position on the dApp Staking page.

Cf: Portal Troubleshooting Guide | Astar Docs

Since you’ve come up with a solution, I’ll now bring this discussion to a close. In the future, you can come and ask for help on Discord too.