Narratives to push on Astar Network

As you can see from examples like Solana and Base, memes can be a tool to energize the ecosystem.
As everyone says, rugpull projects are unacceptable, but I want to utilize the narrative of memes to energize the Astar ecosystem. Lately, I’ve been thinking that it might be a good idea for agents to take the lead in nurturing the meme community.

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Just Information

Tomorrow, at 19:00 Japan Standard Time, there will be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session about memes. (Unfortunately, the AMA will be in Japanese…) The participants will include Mr. you425, an agent from Astar, as well as other leaders and technicians from Japan’s leading community management.



Also one more, I’m still wondering since Astar is Japanese-born chain, but why not many Manga artists (especially the indie one) isn’t using Astar as their go-to chain, just for fundraising their manga via NFTs or else. Tbh, I really want Astar being the go-to chain especially if its deals with Manga (or other Japanese culture / sub culture).

Or is it me that missing the info? Sometimes Japanese ppl only wants to sell to their own folks. I’m not creating a flame war here, but since I was surrounded by many Japanese culture and influence during my childhood and teenage years, Japanese artists / mangaka should aware that their artworks actually are having high demand outside of Japan.

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Thank you always for your comments.

Sometimes Japanese ppl only wants to sell to their own folks.

Since Japan is an island nation, I think there has been a lot of focus on domestic market expansion strategies so far. The challenges Japanese people have with English conversation may also be influencing this. (There’s nothing we can do but try hard on this…)

However, recently, especially in the web3 market, startups are focusing on “Global First”. Established enterprises (as seen in Casio’s AMA the other day) are also conscious of “global”.

I also believe that culture, like Japanese manga, is something we can be proud of to the world.
Each subculture in Japan has its own leaders. I believe it would be great if the currently hot leaders could become a spark for other artists through their successful experiences in web3.


I was thinking maybe Astar agents / labs in Japan can rally an event like introducing dApp Staking. As my understanding dApp Staking not always being used for dApps / game but for community also. Tbh, I dont mind staking my ASTR just to support young mangaka if they can published their artworks bi-weekly (like Jump / Shonen )


I share the same feelings toward young manga artists.
Since my childhood, I’ve been collecting manga—surrounded by 2500 volumes .

Lately, I’ve been buying new releases instead of secondhand books because older books don’t provide income for the artists.
Just as NFT digital images have enabled secondary circulation, I hope that real books can also be improved with blockchain technology.


I believe pushing Manga narratives is probably our strongest point that not every blockchain project has. I just knew from you @tksarah that older books dont provide income for the artist. Utilizing blockchain could bring new demand for new manga artist generation. Even astr/eth only being used as gas fee as they paid with let’s say stable JPY still it could bring new trends.

(btw 2500 vol is HUGE)


Yes, after I retire from active duty, I want to spend my time freely reading manga, so I’m hoping for such a narrative to come!
I believe that blockchain also has the power to convey various cultures across borders, so it’s important to create good use cases in Japan. :star2:


I agree with you very much, Buddy! This is really our plus.

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