NEET - DApp Staking proposal

As the founder of NEET Labs, I am excited to introduce our diverse portfolio of Dapp DeFi and games to the esteemed Astar community. We believe that by integrating our innovative offerings into the Astar dApp Staking listing, we can unlock new realms of possibility and collaboration. Together, let’s pioneer a future where decentralized finance and gaming converge to redefine user experiences and drive meaningful impact.

Please take a moment to read the full proposal by following this link:
NEET Labs - Google Doc

Our mission extends far beyond the accomplishments of Pancakeswap. We aim to bridge the gap between the financial and decentralized worlds, creating a synergy that transcends traditional boundaries.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Raffles DApp testnet on Astar zKatana! Experience the innovation firsthand by visiting

As for smart contract audit and security, we are actively collaborating with esteemed industry partners, whose identities must remain confidential at this time.

Your feedback and inquiries are highly valued. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or ask any questions—I’m here to assist you every step of the way!

Some Assets:


The supply and demand for games with a GameFi model is growing all the time. We had already chatted on Astar’s discord channel and I had read his proposal, so I definitely appreciate and support it. I support more games on chain!


Amin! Love the vision of merging DeFi and gaming on Astar. Looking forward to seeing Raffles DApp in action. Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the great suggestion, I am very excited!

I have a few questions.

  1. Listing to dApp Staking assumes that dApp is deployed, am I correct in assuming that Raffles will be deployed when Astar zkEVM is released?
  2. What kind of DEX do you plan to develop? I could not find any details in the proposal.
  3. What is the development status and roadmap for Fractal RED?
  1. Yes, the Raffles dApp will be deployed once Astar zkEVM is released.

  2. DEX Development Plan: The DEX development plan involves creating a user-friendly platform inspired by PancakeSwap but customized for the NEET Dapp ecosystem. Users will have the opportunity to engage in various activities such as trading, participating in lotteries and raffles, creating profiles, joining teams for competitions, and leveling up their ascension to earn rewards.

  3. Fractal RED is currently in the early stages of development, and we are actively seeking funds to support its development.
    Additionally, to access the Fractal RED development roadmap, you can request access through the proposal document.


As mentioned on discord I´m really happy to see games like this joining Astar Eco, furthermore having also a DEX with all mentioned benefits may only attract interest of any EVM or zk user.
Nonetheless, I’m a bit worried about the development timeline, with the fast pace of news in the crypto world I don’t know what we might see in 6 months. I would prefer to see monthly reports to give the community a feeling of continuous progress.
I will definitely vote yes for the NEET listing :grin: :handshake:


Thank you for your feedback! :saluting_face:Here is the current roadmap: Roadmap - NEET Products. Our next focus is on the development of the DEX. :fire:


I’ve been following NEET since it’s birth on Polygon and i’m very happy that they decided to migrate to Astar network. NEET Raffle, NEET DEX and Red Fractal are definitly good material for Astar Network and its community. I would definitly supporte theyr dApp


Thanks for the response!


My pleasure!
Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions :sunglasses:


The line art is beautiful. I would like to ask a few additional questions:

  1. The team seems to be inspired by Monster Hunter. In terms of copyright, if there are any issues in the future, what plans does the team have to deal with them?

  2. I have assessed that the team is using PancakeSwap as a starting point. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the team using this as a starting point?


Hello BoomBLB,

Thank you for reviewing our proposal and for your questions.

The team is cognizant of potential copyright concerns, particularly given the inspiration drawn from Monster Hunter. However, we are confident in our approach to mitigate any such issues. As we are developing our unique designs and artwork, we believe there is no basis for copyright infringement. Each monster and armor piece is being meticulously crafted to ensure originality and to steer clear of any potential copyright conflicts. Furthermore, our deep understanding of Monster Hunter enables us to discern what actions to take and what to avoid, ensuring that our project remains distinct and legally compliant.

Leveraging PancakeSwap as a starting point for NEET DEX offers numerous advantages while also presenting opportunities to generate hype and incorporate innovative features. Firstly, aligning with PancakeSwap’s model provides a familiar user experience, which can expedite user adoption and mitigate barriers to entry. This familiarity could contribute to the early success of NEET DEX as users transition seamlessly from PancakeSwap to explore new opportunities on the NEET platform.

Moreover, by introducing a native token for NEET DEX, the team can create incentives for users to participate actively in the ecosystem. The token could be integrated into various aspects of the platform, such as governance, staking, and liquidity mining, thereby encouraging user engagement and loyalty. Additionally, the introduction of AI features within NEET DEX could revolutionize user experience and trading strategies. For instance, AI-powered analytics tools could provide users with valuable insights into market trends, liquidity pools, and potential trading opportunities, enhancing their decision-making processes and overall trading experience.

Furthermore, the incorporation of cutting-edge AI technologies could differentiate NEET DEX from other decentralized exchanges, attracting attention from both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and mainstream users interested in innovative financial technologies. By leveraging AI, NEET DEX has the potential to optimize liquidity provision, enhance price discovery mechanisms, and improve overall platform efficiency.

I hope this sheds light on your question, and we appreciate your engagement and interest in our project.

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More video games in our ecosystem!


i’ll support this proposal. Team with a development experience and a solid product roadmap.


Hey @Amin !

I’m glad to see you on Astar! In a short time I’ve seen your team become more involved with Astar and explore the different products, like dApp staking.

I really enjoy the artwork and hope to have more games like Fractal RED on Astar.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Currently, your roadmap is focused on building a DEX + features over the next 9 months. Can you explain how you plan to balance developing and marketing a new DEX and also maintaining your existing game Fractal RED?

  2. We have a number of existing games, dexes, & NFT projects already on Astar. It’s important to work with other teams to build an exciting and valuable ecosystem. How do you have plans to work with the different teams?

I hope you understand my two concerns.

Overall, I’m positive about seeing new projects enter Astar. We need more ideas, teams, and hands to work together. Thanks!


Hi @Jerad

Our strategy involves assigning dedicated teams to each product. While Fractal RED is currently in the fundraising stage, we are simultaneously progressing with other products, such as the raffles that are already available for testing. Additionally, we are collaborating with BlueZNFT to prepare for the launch of our NFT collection on Astar zkEVM once the maintenance and launch phases are completed. We have established communication with various Astar projects, facilitated by some Astar Degen, encompassing gaming and DeFi sectors. We are also actively exploring additional opportunities within the Astar Network ecosystem to drive growth and innovation. Our aim is to unlock new prospects and elevate the Astar ecosystem to unprecedented levels of success. Moreover, we will engage influencers to participate in Twitter spaces and contribute articles to various websites to expand our reach and visibility.

Furthermore, we are already exploring a unique approach to NFT 2.0 in collaboration with our lovely friends at apeXchimpz (Moon-Bearer). Our strategy involves establishing partnerships with existing games, dexes, and NFT projects on Astar. We plan to foster open communication channels and explore synergies to create mutually beneficial opportunities. This includes collaborating on cross-promotional activities, sharing resources, and exchanging insights and expertise. By working closely with different teams, we aim to leverage collective strengths, drive innovation, and enhance the overall experience for users within the Astar ecosystem.

I hope this addresses your questions. Thank you for taking a moment to review our proposal! Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated!


I voted AYE! All the best :+1:


Thank you for your support :fire::blush:


Very good answer, even my previous doubt has been clarified with this.