Rattle dApp Staking Proposal


Dear Astar community, it is a pleasure to be here. I’m Hidenori Onishi, CTO at Rattle. Rattle would like to apply for the Astar dApp Staking listing.

Project Overview:

Rattle changes the way we do raffles, making everything open and fair for everyone. It connects people who create and collect digital items like NFTs easily. You can trust that every raffle is safe, clear, and fair.

Our Mission:

Accelerate Web3 with On-Chain raffle fairness.

Highlights of Rattle:

Firstly, it’s all about fair and transparent On-Chain lotteries. Organizers cannot influence entrants list and drawing process.

Secondly, organizers can set entry conditions, boosting community engagement. From X former twitter to Quiz, organizer can set multiple, flexible conditions

And thirdly, to prevent spam and bots, users pay a $1 token fee for entries, which allows organizers to host campaigns for free. it is similar to the cost of postage for an application postcard.

So, those are the highlights of Rattle. It’s simple, secure, and designed for community growth.

Past Performance & Milestones:

Rattle is used at WebX 2023’s official stamp rally.

Last 3 month, 60+ Campaigns and 7,000+ entries on main-net ( Polygon, BNB, Ethereum, Mantle )

Last 1 month, with the excitement surrounding the 「Blast Big Bang Competition」, we had 200+ Campaigns and 70K+ entries on test-net


The audit is currently being processed by Sec3 ( https://www.sec3.dev/ )

Team members:

We are a team of three.

The CEO, Yuta Watanabe, is a former Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Japan.
The CTO, Hidenori Onishi, is a former sound engineer at Konami.
The CFO, Iwadate, was previously in charge of investments at Yahoo! Japan.

Future roadmap:


  • March
    • Rattle on Astar zkEVM
    • Signup & login by email
  • April
    • Rattle’s internal point launch
  • May
    • Account Abstraction support
  • June
    • Community features ( page, analytics, members management…e.t.c )
  • July
    • Rattle’s native token launch

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:

We will serve 100% of stake dApp Staking Reward as the foundation for campaigns’ prizes.
To make it enjoyable for users, the selection of prizes will be decided by voting from Aster tokens or Rattle’s native tokens holders.


Here are the basic links to our product and communities:

Product Website: https://www.rattle.cc

Corporate Website: https://www.sparkleai.co.jp

Docs: https://sparkleai.notion.site/Rattle-Public-Space-dea9d0d51aa4452587e16881fc5cfcf9?pvs=74

Twitter: https://x.com/rattle_cc


Thanks for the proposal!
I have spoken with you before at IVS KYOTO and I am glad to hear that you will support Astar as well.

I understand that you will support Astar zkEVM in March, is it correct to assume that you already do?


Thank you for your reply!
Yes, we have prepared to support Astar zkEVM as soon as it launches, and we have already completed our preparations. Now, we are able to open campaigns on Astar zkEVM. We plan to initiate a campaign soon to celebrate the launch of Astar zkEVM, hosted by Rattle.


I see, thank you very much!

I look forward to your campaign.

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Hi what sort of campaign that you do have in mind? Just curious? I hope your campaign can shows off your dApp capabilities. Atm we need more activities on Astar zkEVM.

Also for the infographics, for the Entry Fee part, is it will be on ASTR or ETH as on zkEVM we use ETH for gas fee.

List Rattle in dApp Staking
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  • No
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I voted AYE for this proposal.

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Great proposal. Good to see what you’re building, and for showing interest in dApp Staking.


Thank you for your question.

We have designed our platform to be versatile, enabling a wide range of campaigns. Currently, we are planning activities focused on energizing Yoki Origins. This includes creating quizzes and puzzles related to Yoki Origins to engage Astar community.

Regarding the entry fee for Rattle, it is configured to accept the native token of the network it operates on. Therefore, on Astar zkEVM, the entry fee will be in ETH.


Helo @Delhi
Does it means 100% of developer rewards will be used in the raffle prizes?

Developer rewards should be used for development and not to incentivize stakers.
Usually, a maximum of 20% can be used to incentivize stakers. More is neither sustainable nor beneficial for the dAppStaking feature.

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Thank you for your feedback.
Our campaign is related to how we market ourselves.
Increasing the number of people within the Astar community who know about and use Rattle makes our dApp more meaningful.
Therefore, our campaign raffle is not an incentive for stakers alone but is conducted for the entire Astar community.
Of course, we can conduct campaigns exclusively for stakers, but that is not our objective.

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This is an interesting idea. I think a lot of people would like a lottery. I have a few additional questions:

  1. Who are the target users? What are the numerical goals?

  2. What are the revenue and expenses of the project?

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“Lotery dApps are a great way to attract users to ecosystems, as many are enthusiasts of these platforms. Additionally, projects can use the platform to gamify their events. I love this initiative, and they have a great team. I would love to see them on Astar Zk soon! I vote yes!”


Thank you for applying for the dApp Staking.
I voted yes. It would be good to hold a campaign to give away the OMA. The OMA is essential for Yoki Origins, so I think giving away the OMA is a good way to attract Yoki Origins’ users.


Thank you for your interest!
Here’s more insight into our platform and plans:

Target Users and Numerical Goals:

We are a platform for lottery campaigns, targeting both communities and individuals or projects aiming to run marketing campaigns within these communities.

Our current focus is on lowering the barriers for participants, aiming to attract Web3 beginners and increase newcomers to various communities. To achieve this, we’re making it possible to create wallets via email addresses or SMS verification and working towards supporting Account Abstraction for Gas-less participation. Our roadmap includes features designed to simplify joining campaigns.

Our KPI is the “number of campaign entries” with an immediate goal of reaching 10,000 entries per month across all networks. Ultimately, we aim to significantly increase this number of entries.

Revenue and Expenses:

Our revenue model is straightforward: we earn directly from the fees users pay to enter campaigns.

The bulk of our expenses are development costs. This includes adding new task modules to match the latest trends in Web2/Web3, and developing new casual games for campaigns we host ourselves.

We’re committed to continuously evolving our platform to provide engaging and accessible campaign experiences.

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Thank you! We are actually in the process of planning a giveaway campaign for Yoki Origins right now. I believe we will be able to announce it by tomorrow.


Thank you so much for your clarification. =)


Let me tell you about our first campaign with Astar zkEVM I mentioned earlier.
Astar gave us 150 OMA as user prizes. It’s a quiz campaign to help more people know and understand Yoki Origins.


Nice ! I like the OMA idea , I believe it´s the best way to attract interest: funny games and nice prizes.


Voted yes. All my questions have already been answered. Welcome :slight_smile: