New dapp staking proposal: The Royal Raffle

We are opening up this discussion on our proposal for a new dapp on Astar.

The dapp will be combining tech and expertise from multiple projects (Phala, Subsquid, Astar, Kusama Kingdom NFT) to create a true cross chain dapp.

The dapp will be developed on EVM but later built in ink/wasm once this is rolled out onto Astar

The nature of this app is Raffle based whereby stakers will be in with the chance of winning monthly prizes consisting of some of the dapp rewards as well as the potential for NFTs, other tokens etc as we partner with projects across the eco. The other portion of the rewards that aren’t paid out in rewards will on the whole be put back into the ecosystem through liquidity provisioning or supporting seed/private rounds of projects entering the eco. This is an important point as we do not want to be a mercenary dapp whereby we earn rewards and move them out the eco.

For full details of the proposal and the project please see the proposal document and our Gitbook

We aim to utilize Phala Phat contracts, Subsquid indexing, Kusama Kingdom branding as well as the support and help from Astar/Shiden in order to deliver a great dapp to the ecosystem that will attract in more users as well as showcasing of the tech in an easy to digest format.

We would love the support of the community on this, please do ask any questions.

Many thanks,
KBL, Hashwarlock and The Kusama Kingdom!


Thank you for the proposal KBL and excited to see the Kusama Kingdom go for the MVP2Earn track. There are many reasons to support this proposal and I’ll lay out some of the key ones for me:

  • Tier 1 level team, has a reputation of delivering. Phala dev Hashwarlock and KBL, are well known and respected among many in the ecosystem. They have contributed and built products thats are safe, reliable and trusted.

  • KBL and the team has been open to exploring building a dApp on Astar as early as September last year and many great ideas (and possible features around the lottery and automation) have been discussed. The communication has been great and their approach to cross chain collaboration is one that can be inspirational to other teams. This type of proposal can serve a greater purpose and can speak towards what Astar values - builders of all kinds.

  • The Kusama Kingdom community is a great and very welcoming one with an open mindset. When KBL put this proposal in front of the community they responded positively and some even gave input on the rewards structure for future consideration.

  • The bootstrapping amount is well within our communities treasury limit (currently between 9-10m ASTR available). The fact thay 1.5m is requested leaves plenty in the treasury to be able to use on other MVP2Earn candidates and other initiatives.

  • Supporting, bootstrapping and observering a strong first MVP2Earn candidate can help us determine the value of the track. The KK team can also witness first habd the power of dApp staking.

For these main reasons listed above I fully support the proposal.


I have long been a fan of the Astar team and the vision of the network. The union of the Kusama Kings with Astar through dApp staking is really amazing. The Kingdom was buzzing with excitement when KBL approached us with this idea and we are more than excited to continue to strengthen ties with the Astar Network community and bring more people in!

This product will undoubtedly help bring in more users to the ecosystem and create a fun environment for people to engage with the network. Fully support!


‘The dapp will be combining tech and expertise from multiple projects (Phala, Subsquid, Astar, Kusama Kingdom NFT)’

Love to see this starting to happen on Polkadot build our own unique projects using our own tech :raised_hands:


Unexpected and super appreciated proposal :fire: Using all these different tech and unique projects can bring attention and show what the true power of Web3 is. I totally support the proposal :grin:


Simply wanted to show my support for this proposal and unequivocally state how encouraged I am by it. As a Kusama Kingdom holder AND someone who is exceedingly excited about the prospects of Astar Network now and in the future, this partnership seems like a win-win for everyone involved :crown:

Looking forward to this launch and hope to help however I can! :raised_hands:


I support this proposal

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Thank you for your proposal. As a rule, dApp has to be live on Astar and get enough traction from the community to be registered on the dApp starking portal. Therefore, we can enter the voting after the dApp is deployed.


Forever stand for #Astar Network

After the discussion with @0xRamz, I understand that we will use dApp staking more attractive way to bootstrap the project.

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