Open HRMP Channels between Pendulum and Astar

Don’t worry. I got your points. Thank you a lot for your clarification =)

Congratulations to the team and Welcome and let’s keep on building

Congratulations @penanna :tada: !

The vote was successful.

You can now create on-chain request to open a HRMP channel between Pendulum and Astar.

The foundation will review the call, accept it and also request to open a channel.

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Congrats Team!!! Let’s make a great things together =)

As I said before, I support you.
It’s a very good and low-cost development for both ecosystems. Welcome.

Congratulations and thanks for the HRMP proposal!
Look forward to seeing the communication soon and liquidity inflow!

Congrats, looking forward to test it :slight_smile:

Hello Astar Community,

The HRMP channel between Pendulum and Astar has been opened.


Great to hear G, let’s go!

Sounds very good! Look forward to seeing HRMPs between the two! Thanks for the update!

What great news! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: