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Pandora Swap is the Third-Gen DeFi Protocol and the most advance decentralized exchange with the lowest trading fees (0.17%) on ASTAR Network. And we are the first to introduce Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL) into our DEX on ASTAR Network.

Building a better DEX to serve the users swapping their tokens from our DEX and allowing them to stake and earn through LPs and form farms and NFT Earns will be our 1st priority.


Pandora Swap is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows a user to exchange tokens on the Astar Network. The liquidity provided to the exchange comes from Liquidity Providers (“LPs”) who stake their tokens in Liquidity Pools. In exchange, a user gets LP tokens that can also be staked to earn $PANDORA tokens in the “Farms”.

We are aiming to build a sustainable and secure platform that can allow developers to launch their own projects on our launchpad as well as participate in NFT earns which will have a real use case. Not just staking PANDORA tokens they will be able to earn through their NFTs too.

Why Pandora Swap?

  • Peoples choices ( We are just a set of codes without our community so we want to be in each and every mouth by the service we provide)

  • Decentralized ( We have been providing clarity to our community as well as transparency in everything we do)

  • Value & Fairness ( Creating value within a product is more important than selling and that is what we implement)

  • Low fees 0.17% ( Along with being the most advanced DEX on Astar Network, we have the lowest trading fees)

  • Farming ( Earn $PANDORA in pools with the most secure staking model)

  • NFT earn ( Exclusive NFTs on Pandora Swap, stake them and earn yield in our pools)

We will be introducing:

-NFT Earn

-Trade mining ( i.e. rebates on fees in the form of $PANDORA on every trade )

-Yield Optimizer

-Epimetheus (Algorithmic Stablecoin that will be pegged to the price of 1 $PANDORA)


-Multi-chain deployment

-Limit Orders


  1. 0.10% — Returned to liquidity pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers.

  2. 0.05% — Forming of PANDORA/ASTR LP and sending it to Treasury wallet as backing for $PANDORA

  3. 0.02% — Pandora Swap Treasury

The mint rate of $PANDORA Token is 4 $PANDORA per block, which is around 28k $PANDORA a day.


The roadmap itself describes the future of the project. In 1st stages like farms, pools, and Launchpad are expected to be in use with the launch of DEX or in the 1st week of the launch of the DEX.

The next stage which includes Yield Optimizer, NFT Marketplace, NFT farming, Gamefi, and Epimetheus expected to be in use and developed completely within 2–3 months after we reach a certain level that we aim to.

We have several beneficial ideas and functionalities to be introduced like Trade Mining, limit orders (1st time in a DEX on Astar), Governance, Etc

Well, we have the vision to stay in this network because we see a bright future and security for our users and in the long run, we want our project to flourish along with the Astar Network ecosystem so our long-term goals include several listing in CEX and scalability to make the project itself secure and fast and much more reliable for the investors so we can tackle any situations that may occur.

Complete Roadmap:- Roadmap - Pandora Swap


Total Supply: 600,000,000

Circulating Supply: 76Million

Max Supply: 600,000,000

Initial Supply (IN PRESALE): 5,000,000

#The allocated tokens for Development (75,000,000) PANDORA Tokens are linearly unlocked in a time span of 19 months so, users can expect a much more secure environment and transparency.

PandorSwap contracts has been audited by Paladin

Audit (By Paladin) :

Listed On:-

WHO IS BEHIND Pandoraswap?

○ Pandora Swap is a product of 0xLab, Our team is very experienced in the crypto world and each member has worked on one or another project as the lead member or as an advisor and our vision is for long-term sustainable growth. We want Pandoraswap to succeed and we have made our proper and 100% efforts.

We have a dev team a community management team and a growth management team as well a marketing team.

Dan is the CEO of Pandora Swap

Max is the lead designer and social media manager.

Bryan, the community and marketing manager, and project advisor.

We have several other people working with us right now and we will be growing our team as per the need and expansion of the project.

You can check us out here :


Website :

Docs : Pandora Swap - Pandora Swap


Discord:- Pandora Swap

Github:- PandoraswapFinance (Pandora Swap) · GitHub

0xLab twitter :


@bLd759 @tomasz-waszczyk

Please take a look at the technical aspect.

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Thanks for the proposal. Could you give access to Github repositories, I mean frontend and backend.

You have really impressive roadmap, I just want to know whether it will be possible to follow the roadmap from perspective of Git repository. Are you going to make repositories public like Uniswap etc.?


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We haven’t thought of making the front end public yet but yea sure we can give you access to view it on github . Can you share me your github account?


Please vote wisely.

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