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Project Overview

Astar.Exchange is an Automated market maker protocol implemented in a system of non-upgradeable smart contracts on the Astar blockchain. App is a fork of Uniswap, SushiSwap and Solarbeam. It obviates the need for trusted intermediaries, prioritizing decentralization, censorship resistance, and security. Astar.Exchange is open-source software licensed under the GPL.

“Don’t trust us, trust the code”, both main contracts from Uniswap’s Factory and Suhsiswap’s MasterChef are used now for more than 2 years. Our smart contracts are fully open source and readable on Blockscout or Github. Migrator function has been removed from MasterChef contract (Masterchef) so NOBODY can move your fund from contracts except you.

Team wallet and DAO Treasury wallet are public, and all movements will be commented on DAO forum. We think yield farming is the best way to distribute Governance Token to the Community, there will be no IDO or ICO.

Our goal is to bring to Astar Network the most efficient and convenient AMM DEX with best protocols: Uniswap v2 and Sushiswap made the current standard of DeFi, we try to follow their path.


Nicolas R.
CTO and temporary CEO until fully decentralized DAO

Dev and IT analyst for government agency, has been studying blockchains for 2 years, has participate in various reports submitted to the State Secretariat for Digital Technologies.

Aurélie R.
PR and marketing manager
She is in charge of social media. She is actually Overseas Sales Executive for a leader in supply chain management and logistics solutions.

Carole R.
Financial advisor
Financial controller, She advises us financially and ensures that the goal of a fully decentralized system is met.


Milestone 1

enough liquidity to smooth trades for every pairs

Milestone 2 (if we can join Dapp Staking program)

$ASX Token burn with 100% of Dapp Staking reward to make it deflationary. Team and advisor tokens will be burned proportionally to respect Governance vote ratio (they will always be 20% max of total supply).

Milestone 3

  • for the first DAO vote
  • Multisig wallet for the DAO treasury with a member of Astar core team, or renowned Astar Community member.

Milestone 4

Current interface is fork from SolarBeam, itself fork of SushiSwap v2. We really like Sushiswap current interface, to look like it, we must code from scratch because new interface isn’t open source. We will work on it.

I would like to thank the PR because I realized in the last few days that her job can be as exhausting as mine (dev). Thank you for reading.


no lockup, mining it.
burning token with reward is cool, waiting for dApp Staking.


Do you have any platform apart from Twitter?

Discord, or telegram?

Hi! The Discord will open before sunday, I’m finishing writing FAQ.

(We opened a DAO Forum, but it seems too old school for everyone :sweat_smile:)

just like i said in twitter, you take the 10% of LP reward,
although burned part of pre-minted token,you should audit your contract.
because the Uniswap and Sushiswap and solarbeam don’t have that feature( take 10%), I think you team changed some code.

Hi! SolarBeam contract have this feature (a fees on tokens minted between 1 and 10%) we use it for team tokens vesting. I will take time to share it here asap!

You can see on the picture below the 10% emission for the dev team. (line 353 of SolarBeamDistributor on GitHub (I don’t know the line on flatten contract you can search exact match):, solarReward.div(10));)

All your yours remarks has been useful to us, and internally we still discuss the tokenomics. There will be an update this weekend. Thanks :pray:


As a DAO, treasury is yours too if you have token. If there is a proposal about audit, we will not participate, it will be your choice. It is a discussion we can have on Discord if you like!


ok. let’s discuss on discord.

Better to have an audit.


it will after the vote if it pass, holders will be able to make proposal on during may.

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Thanks for the proposal. I wanted to see Blockscout:

and when I clicked on View on Blockscout got Error 503.


Could you improve the link? I just want to look at deployed smart contract.

PS. Mea culpa. The whole Blockscout does not work.


It seems there is a problem with isn’t it?

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When blockscout will be operationnal again you will find all contracts and links here: Contracts - Astar.Exchange

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Maybe you need to do more marketing here, ur UI is nice, but well the TVL a bit too small. where as u already had a nice brand name.


Please vote!


We would like to thank you all for your participation to the vote and also the ambassadors whom participated to our AMA too for their Time :pray:


Good luck on the way of delivering!

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