Philosophy of meblillo

Hello community. The reason for this post is to be used in the decentralized voices form that I am applying to as part of my research and development work within the polkadot ecosystem. Although I am quite a novice, it is in the area of ​​software development and reading and writing code where I am most confident of being able to contribute something since a few years ago I did an application development fp2 and since then I have continued to advance with more or less consistency . My favorite language is C and although there are concepts that change their position with respect to Rust, the truth is that since it is something that excites me, it is easy for me to invest hours of study. Initially I created treebtc which was an idea to enter the crypto world. I came from working in unity and with c# the basic concepts of scripting and I started to look at solidity and rust, as a way to get a global idea and have a perspective of what I could do in the ecosystem that I had arrived at and that seemed friendlier to writing code . I apply to decentralized voices with the purpose of learning more and placing some other piece of this great project that you have in your hands. From treebtc I changed my name to “meblillo laboratories”. Meblillo is a repair shop based on the polkadot substrate and which aims to provide repair and implementation services for technological machines. Starting with repairing my own work environment, I hope to find clients who need repair and maintenance services for their equipment and who at the same time would be interested in immersing themselves in the polkadot community in a dynamic way and at different levels depending on the case and suitability. If, for example, I repair a printer and we put a guarantee seal with contact information for future inquiries and that also brings a polkadot logo and a QR to the official wiki, it is possible and gradually attract interested parties to the ecosystem for increasingly important implementations. . While this becomes a reality, I will be able to continue involved in the improvement of my own facilities and training myself day after day, taking patterns of constant interaction. Thank you very much for your attention. Good afternoon.

Hey ser! Great skills and nice use case… hopefully you keep building. Thanks

Hey, glad to have you onboard. Could you share more about the decentralized voices? I have not heard of that before.

Hi meblillo,

curious to know if you can elaborate what does “repair” mean and where you would like to apply in Astar network ecosystem, if any? and perhaps it would be great if you can share why you think such part needs a repair. Thanks!