(Stake my application)I will do something I didn't dare to do last time. It is impossible?

I have removed the astr that I had in astar core contributors and other projects because I want to try hosting my own application. I don’t fully understand the negative implications it may incur and I hope there aren’t any. I spend a lot of time on astar and polkadot documentation reading and documenting myself. The language barrier and a lot of personal insecurity make me doubt. Seeing myself a little alone in this makes me doubt, but my work situation forces me to take risks. I bet a lot on astar and in the end I gave everything I had. I will have constant momentum, the same one I bring from behind and the hope that my work situation will improve or that some team or person will notice me and absorb me and get support. I will continue to document myself and try to do things the way they should be done. For me this is all the opportunity I have so far. It will be very important that the path does not lead me to any dead ends. I will be very attentive and I hope that if it happens I can avoid it in time. I notice that people do not understand me and I fear that in the fact that someone may not understand me, there is someone else who will benefit by not listening to me. In any case it has made me dare to go alone more. More alert and it has made me trust the project more because I understand that if people infiltrate trying to sow discouragement, the reason is that I am in a good project and we have to remove the light so that other intentions are not obscured. The last thing I say is just speculation and putting yourself in the worst case scenario. It is trying to find solutions before problems appear, but thinking and thinking too much. Many times it is not productive.
My project is “meblillo”. Its fundamental abstract idea is that every organism can be included within the polkadot ecosystem and also serve the whole as a unit.
Good day.

Hey bro! I do not understand what your point, but please only invest the money you can afford to lose. Crypto is very volatile and risky… even great projects with hardworking teams can face tough periods when market crashes.

Good luck with your new project! Keep working hard.

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It will be a pleasure to receive your feedback.