PINKY : dApp Staking Proposal


PINKY is a service that allows users to mint AI-generated data into NFTs with just a few clicks. Currently specialized in minting images and artwork, we anticipate an era where the diversity of AI-generated data will expand, applying our approach to verify the provenance of all types of generated data on the blockchain.

This revolutionary dApp offers users a tangible experience of Web3 technology.

We have been dedicated to this project for over two years. Starting with an initial idea, we refined it and launched the alpha version in June 2023 at IVS KYOTO in Japan, receiving positive feedback. Incorporating various user opinions, we released Beta 1.0 in January 2024.

PINKY was featured in a full-page advertisement by ASTAR in the major Japanese newspaper, Nikkei Shimbun, on September 26, 2022. We also presented it on the ASTAR Discord server’s Project-discussion thread in January 2024, where we gathered and utilized diverse feedback: Discord.

Currently, our technology enables the creation of still images via AI. We plan to sequentially expand to videos and music, accommodating a variety of AI-generated data. PINKY is designed to support various AI services, not just specific ones like ChatGPT, ensuring coverage of the most utilized services as the AI industry evolves rapidly.

As AI evolves, it’s bringing us to the brink of an era where all types of information can be generated as data. Therefore, the metadata detailing “who created this data and how” is becoming increasingly important.

Proposal Objective:

Our service aims to bring more people into the world of Web3 by using AI to easily transform creativity into artworks and mint them as NFTs. By allowing users to quickly experience the concept of data ownership, we make understanding Web3 accessible to everyone.

According to DappRadar’s Q1 2024 survey, the daily unique wallets for dApps have reached 7 million. However, AI representative services like ChatGPT have reached an estimated 180.5 million users as of May 2024. PINKY merges AI and blockchain technologies to onboard a vast number of AI users to Web3:

This signifies the potential to bring those who have not yet interacted with Web3 into the ASTAR network as users.

Differentiation from Similar Tools:

What sets us apart from other tools for NFT project creators is our integration with the ASTAR network and community. Additionally, we offer a rich set of options including on-chain affiliation, proof of project ownership through NFTs, and token gating that displays content to owners only. All these features are provided free to creators, with only the gas fees required.


PINKY is currently audited by SolidityScan:

Team Members:

We are a team of three:

HIROKI KEMMOTSU (CEO) - Founded a game development company in Japan, sold to a public company, and developed the communication engine for the famous humanoid robot “Pepper.” Specializes in AI and Web3 with multiple startups and a total fundraising amount of 700 million yen.

ATSURO BANNO (COO) - Over a decade of business development based in Singapore, serving clients across the AI, software, and consulting industries globally.

NORIKA KIZAWA (CTO) - Has led a Web3 development team since 2021, developing blockchain products. She has a technical and financial background as a cryptocurrency derivatives trader and analyst, with extensive experience in crypto hackathons and community events.

Astar Community Incentives:

We primarily use the tokens received from the dApp staking program for operational and development expenses. Additionally, we plan to encourage user participation in campaigns that promote the Astar zkEVM NFT ecosystem.

dApp Metrics:

Having just been introduced to the market, PINKY’s metrics are still developing. However, we have established key performance indicators to measure and strategically improve our platform’s progress:

  1. User Acquisition Rate: Tracking the monthly increase in user numbers to analyze the effectiveness of our marketing strategies and product improvements.
  2. Engagement Rate: Measuring session durations and interaction frequency to indicate how actively users are engaging with our platform.
  3. NFT Minting Numbers: Monitoring the total and growing number of NFTs minted to assess platform utilization.
  4. Feedback and User Satisfaction: Aggregating user feedback and conducting regular satisfaction surveys to enhance service quality.
  5. Technical Performance Metrics: Evaluating performance through technical aspects like system uptime and transaction speeds.

Use of dApp Staking Rewards:

Currently, our service does not charge users, and operational costs such as GPU usage are covered by operational expenses. For the foreseeable future, tokens received from the dApp staking program will primarily fund operational and development expenses. We also plan to encourage user participation in campaigns to boost the Astar zkEVM NFT ecosystem.

Future Roadmap:

We have planned the following roadmap:

i) Providing a dedicated marketplace for trading AI-generated data. ii) Expanding to support data such as videos and music. iii) Facilitating the trading of AI model data.

This will potentially bring new revenue streams to many copyright holders and creators.

Related Resources:


Thank you for your Proposal.

I immediately gave it a try. I witnessed the integration of web3 and AI. I also confirmed the support for Astar zkEVM, thank you! I felt that this is a project that holds promise for the near future, and I would definitely like to support it.

This may be of personal interest, but may I ask a few questions?

1, What AI image generation engine is used in PINKY? (If it’s proprietary development or a trade secret, you don’t need to tell me.)
When I tried using the same prompt I use in DALL-E3, a significantly different image from what I expected was generated.
I see that changing the mode to “Advanced” allows for detailed settings. This is wonderful.

2, By the way, as feedback when I used it, the transaction was completed, and it seems that the NFT itself was able to be minted, but “Getting Minting fee…” was continuously displayed on the UI. Is this okay? Or does it take time for the image to be uploaded and propagated to IPFS?

3, I understand that it is currently free minting only for gas fees. What kind of monetization do you plan for the future?


Welcome and thanks for the proposal.

I have touched the dApp immediately.
As a report, in my case, the image was not displayed after generation, but after minting as NFT.

Personally, I am more interested in trying to function as a marketplace for data and models rather than an NFT for AI generated images.

I have a few questions and opinions that I would be happy to answer.

  1. As @tksarah asked, I am concerned about the revenue model and the duration of the free campaign. dApp Staking supports developers, but does not generate enough compensation to cover development costs. Therefore, it is very important that the business model is sustainable.
  2. Since there is no documentation, the details are not available to the general public. We recommend that a roadmap be prepared as soon as possible.

Thank you for trying our service so promptly.
I’ll answer your questions.

1: PINKY uses an image generation engine based on Stable Diffusion. Therefore, we recommend using prompts designed for Stable Diffusion.

2: This is a known bug that occurs under certain conditions, and the fix has already been completed. It will be reflected in the next version. Thank you for letting us know.

3: We plan several revenue models. The major revenue model involves selling AI models. For the time being, operational costs will be covered by our team members.


You425, I always listen to your regular broadcasts about ASTAR. I learn a lot from them, thank you.

As you pointed out, I think our main source of revenue will indeed be trading AI models.

However, this field is very volatile.

We aim to capture this market broadly and as securely as possible through technical means.


Thank you for your reply.

I certainly agree that this field is very volatile.
But I think it is necessary to show a vision, major milestones, etc. There is no problem with changes occurring.

I think you should make it a little more clear to the public what kind of project it is, because as it stands now, they only know what is described on the Forum.


Your point is well taken.
We have been focusing on development up until now, but we are currently working on a white paper for publication.
The document linked in the URL was created in the third quarter of 2023, but we will update it and use it to create the white paper, which is scheduled

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Thank you for your response.

I understand the challenges faced by operations in consistently generating revenue. I look forward to the updated white paper and roadmap.

Regarding your recollection after trying an AI-generated image minting service, it seems that apart from the various tuning options, the current capabilities might not differ significantly from what you experienced before. Leveraging this mechanism to develop solutions that contribute to solving societal issues would indeed be beneficial!


Thank you for your feedback. We are committed to continuous improvement and are actively updating our progress on a daily basis. We’re excited about building a community around our projects and look forward to engaging more with you as our initiatives develop.

We appreciate your insights on the AI-generated image minting service. As we apply this technology, we’re laying the groundwork for a community that collaborates on addressing societal challenges effectively. Our aim is to establish clear, practical solutions that contribute positively to this growing community.


Thank you very much, I have seen it!
The fork idea is interesting.

I look forward to your new white paper.


The idea of integrating AI into the project sounds very interesting. Could you please provide more information on the following:

  1. Given the numerous options available to users in Web2, what strategies does the team have to attract users to this project?

  2. Since many Web2 platforms offer free usage quotas, how does the team plan to manage this aspect?

  • Pinky is user-friendly, allowing you to mint with just a few clicks, with a tutorial coming soon. Even without minting, you can generate images for free, making it easy to get started.
  • However, simply being easy to start with isn’t enough. We’re preparing a variety of features, like meme creation and image generation for social media, that many people will enjoy.
  • Additionally, by integrating Web3 features, there may be significant demand for proving ownership of posted images or memes. If minted images go viral, it could boost Pinky’s popularity as the minting platform.
  • Since you can generate images for free, you can use Pinky for free like other Web2 services if you don’t mint. Pinky also offers features as a Web3 service.

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions!


I got your points. Thank you a lot for your clarification =)


Thank you for the proposal, and welcome, Astar!!

I tried PINKY, and I feel it’s an interesting tool.
Who are the specific target users for this tool, and what kind of narrative will increase the number of users?


PINKY primarily serves creatives—artists, designers, and writers—who wish to secure and manage their digital creations as assets, alongside developers and researchers looking to document their work for proof of ownership.

We began with a minimal feature set, focusing on building a robust foundation and network effects slowly, rather than expanding quickly. This strategy includes creating an atomic network where small, interconnected user groups can significantly enhance the network’s value through deep, meaningful interactions.

Although this approach may lead to slow growth initially, we are preparing for a potential tipping point. It’s important to acknowledge that while we are hopeful for substantial growth, the timing of such an expansion is unpredictable and will depend largely on market dynamics and user adoption.

With rapid advancements in technologies like generative AI, it’s crucial for users to document their creativity. By allowing them to record their creative outputs as NFTs with PINKY, we provide a way for them to assert and develop their creative identities, creating a valuable, lasting portfolio. Many creators, increasingly concerned about keeping pace with AI, find great value in securing their works on Web3—a platform offering permanence and security.

To attract more users, we highlight the enduring value of creative work, suggesting that creativity can transcend time and maintain its value indefinitely. PINKY is more than a tool; it’s a dedicated partner in fostering the sustainable growth and success of creators.


Thank you for your response! I’m rooting for you!


Hello @yamato

Do you have a github repo or documentation we can consult about Pinky and your smart contracts?


That’s something I would really support… I am looking forward to check the repo and smart contract asked by @Gaius_sama


Here are our GitHub and contract links.

â– Main NFT market contract:

â– Pinky Polygon mainnet:

â– GIthub

Please feel free to let me know if there are any discrepancies, mistakes, or additional information needed regarding your request.

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Please point out any additional information we need to proceed with the voting.