Please Help; Sent ASTR to wallet after clicking Dwellir by accident

Please somebody, i have no idea how to fix this, very much a newb. I was sending ASTR to a wallet via the Astar.portal and i clicked Dwellir by accident… I meant to send them to Xm6qA7w95njtFoyFRG6mdKdWUo75JkRML8quCJAGeGwiPrx but it ended up sending to a completely new address 0x50b16d8b92ae01df3c13e302e51b969aa2f07011
please somebody please help me access this wallet somehow and send it where it needs to be… im so tired of messing up like this :frowning: please im desperate.

No Idea what this means but preying someone here does…

Does this mean we could access the EVM account that was created when i sent the ASTR to it?

  1. Where did you click Dwellir?
  2. Did you double check the destination address before you sign the transaction?
  3. What is your address that you used to send the tokens?
  4. Were you intending to send from your evm to native account?
  5. Have you tried connecting Xm6qA7w95njtFoyFRG6mdKdWUo75JkRML8quCJAGeGwiPrx and see if there is any EVM Deposit which you can withdraw?
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i clicked Dwellir on the top right of the page on…
The address is ended up sending it to is 0x50b16d8b92ae01df3c13e302e51b969aa2f07011
i have no idea what wallet this is.
the wallet Xm6qA7w95njtFoyFRG6mdKdWUo75JkRML8quCJAGeGwiPrx
received nothing. i did check that this address was inputted, but my guess is because i was on dwellir something else happened?

Nothing to do with Dwellir. That is just the endpoint connection.

As I asked earlier, have you connected Xm6qA7w95njtFoyFRG6mdKdWUo75JkRML8quCJAGeGwiPrx to Astar portal to see if there is any EVM Deposit to be withdrawn?

Please follow my instructions.

I can verify a few different ways that the wallet I don’t have any access to, has the Astr in it… I’m unsure what you mean by checking for EVM withdrawal, how would I withdrawal from this wallet I sent to?


Has 0 however, none


You are not doing what I told you to do! I want you to connect this wallet: Xm6qA7w95njtFoyFRG6mdKdWUo75JkRML8quCJAGeGwiPrx, to the portal. I am not asking you to access 0x50b16d8b92ae01df3c13e302e51b969aa2f07011.

Why can’t you just do as per my instruction?

Who owns this wallet? Xm6qA7w95njtFoyFRG6mdKdWUo75JkRML8quCJAGeGwiPrx

You or other people?

I do not own the xm wallet. It is gateIO wallet. And they have also confirmed it’s empty. It is confirmed that the Astr is in the inaccessible ox wallet

I don’t have the ability to connect either wallet to portal, the ox wallet however is the only one that matters now

So this is your problem.

There is already a warning telling you not to send from evm to exchanges.

Why didn’t you read this warning?

That is why the funds is stuck in the “evm deposit” and only the wallet owner, can do the withdrawal. You have to contact Gate and tell them that you sent tokens from EVM to native address.

I contacted them first and they said they have no access to that wallet

I don’t know how many times I have to repeat.

Please tell to connect Xm6qA7w95njtFoyFRG6mdKdWUo75JkRML8quCJAGeGwiPrx to the portal and do the evm deposit withdrawal.

Forget about the 0x50b16d8b92ae01df3c13e302e51b969aa2f07011.

Good luck!

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