How to withdraw token from polkadot.js converted evm address?

I sent some xcmDOT tokens from a metamask wallet on Astar evm network to the Astar evm address which was converted from my polkadot.js address.
I want to control the polkadot.js converted evm address and send the xcmDOT token back, but I can’t control it on

I tried extrinsics evm call(source, target, input, value, gasLimit, maxFeePerGas, maxPriorityFeePerGas, nonce, accessList) on the polkadot.js UI, but it always shows the error “Bad origin”.

Is it possible to make a transfer call of the polkadot.js converted evm address?

Thanks for your replies.

  1. Not possible to withdraw now. This requires XVM.

  2. Why did you do what you did?

Sending tokens from evm to native works only with ASTR on Astar.

XVM is only available in Shibuya testnet. See this tutorial.

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Hi moonme,

Thanks for your reply.

It’s a mistake. I should use XCM transfer by connecting metamask on Astar portal, but I thought xcmDOT can be withdrawn like ASTR token on Astar portal at that time (So I send them to the polkadot.js converted evm address). It’s sad.

Will Astar support XVM in the future?

XVM will eventually be available on Astar. Stay tuned.

From now onwards, please make sure to read the USER GUIDES before taking any actions.

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That will be great! Thank you.