Proposal: Astar Charity

First of all, I wish for the safety of all the people affected by this disaster. As one who grew up in a country where earthquakes occur frequently, I can understand how difficult it must be.

Web3 is all about community and I would like to propose “Astar Charity” in this thread. Astar has a unique function called dApp staking and this allows token holders to stake Astar on projects. In addition to that, the register can earn ASTR tokens based on the amount the community stake on the project.

The idea is to list “Astar Charity” as a project and use the fund that this project earns as a donation.
One hurdle is that we need to find a legal company or NPO in the affected area that registers the project and earns ASTR to avoid scams.

0xcfloki is one of the active Astar ambassadors in Turkey. 0xcfloki any ideas?


Thanks for try to help team.
Great offer but crypto payments aren’t legal in Turkey. Any crypto collected in this direction will not be converted into Turkish Liras or transferred(we have to use somebody to convert it in stock exchange and donate foundations in Turkish Lira).We are talking to stock exchanges(Okx and binance etc) to do this because stock exchanges with legal offices in Turkey can do this, but it is also subject to permission :confused:


In my opinion, it’s better to help through one of the legal international organizations.

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I support this proposal. Create “Astar Charity” is a big step forward. We will be able to help people who really need it in tough times like this using Astar Charity Dapp.

Thank you

I support this proposal. I am very concerned about the people affected in Turkey. As Sota-san said, Japan, where I live, is a country with many earthquakes. Every time there is a great earthquake, we receive international support. I think one of the great things about web3 is that it can realize such an international support framework through individual proposals.
I’d also like to come up with an idea about the hurdle that Sota-san pointed out.


Can Astar Charity be an ongoing project. There may be a need in the future for other region or different events like Tsunami, Volcano or other humanity crisis. Just thought this is a good start and can be an ongoing support for other events in the future.

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I support this proposal!

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