Proposal to delist Starlay and Sirius Finance From dApp staking

I hereby propose to delist Starlay and Sirius Finance from dApp staking.

  1. Both of them are incubated projects but they perform very badly.

  2. Starlay, we all know they are simply a scam. They raised public’s money and then put 3 digit liquidity. Token price dumped >95% on the first hours. This was very silly. And then, they requested $1m worth of ASTR from the treasury to support the liquidity (you can find the proposal on this forum). They won the vote with a slight majority but the buyback and liquidity provision was only there to create speculation. Some people bought low and sold the pump. This was a waste of treasury’s money. After almost 2 years of their existence, they have no community. Check their forum, there is prolly only 2-3 people talking. This is very sad considering Starlay is an incubated project. Time has proven that they can’t do anything. Their social media is also empty. Moreover, I read the article released by Kagla (which is also Starlay), saying that they are running out of funds. How silly is this? They have been receiving dApp staking rewards and still running out of funds? So, what is the point? Moreover, the products havent got any improvement, and no community. So, what are they spending their rewards on? Champagne? LOL!!

  3. Sirius Finance is Polkaex. Polkaex is still on Shiden? Lol. Sirius Finance also dumped on the very first hour of listing. The private investors also lost money on the first hours. This is just a money grab project who is taking advantage of this unregulated space. Almost 2 years have gone by, nothing has changed with Sirius. Their X comment is disabled? Why? Are they afraid or they simply dont have any community.

Since both are incubated projects, this raises the concern about how trustworthy is the Astar bizdev team. They must have spent a lot of resources on the incubated projects but these projects have not done much impact within ecosystem. Perhaps, Astar team itself was involved in the planning of this money grab scheme.

Most of the incubated projects are xxxxx. We don’t want this. xxxxx need to be kicked away. What we want is symbiote.

Don’t delete this post. If you are afraid, say it. But if you are brave, please justify all your actions.


I will close this thread because it’s focusing on 2 separate projects. I also censored some words that I see that shouldn’t be in an informative/discussion thread.