StarSwap's NFT Governance is here 🙏

Hi all, we are all going through a difficult time, Astar and the market in general keeps crashing. But that shouldn’t make us stop holding, moreover, that shouldn’t make any of us stop building.

If all the projects and teams on Astar continues to work, delivering consistent updates even if they get setbacks, it will definitely grow Astar’s community beyond all our expectations - more active projects will bring more members, making Astar’s userbase grow and making more people use Astar which will also help it’s market price. So let’s all hold and build on.

As you know StarSwap came with many new things and one of those is the NFT governance; and today, without much of a buzz and all we have deployed it.

As a test, we’ve added a first proposal (anyone with more than 10 star cards can add a proposal, everything is decentralised and it wil need at least 25% vote in either side to make any proposal execute)

You can now see the Star DAO feature in our menu and participate in the first proposal. Please consider this the first version, we will keep working on it as we continue building StarSwap.

Let’s keep building and continue growing Astar’s community, together! :star2:

You can take a look at the interface here:

// copy of the post hiro made in our discord


Thank you for doing this. Keep building and we will continue to support you.


Definitely a step in the right direction! Let’s keep pushing forward!

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Thank you for all the good support ser :pray: