Proposal to reopen lockdrop 2 claims

I propose a new and final vote to reopen lockdrop 2. I don’t believe all those affected were aware of the issue and I believe lockdrop 3 is the perfect time to sort this. I propose the claim be reopened giving the opportunity to a significant 7% of people to claim their PLM. After lockdrop 3 I propose all unclaimed PLM be distributed evenly amongst other investors. I believe this is a win win situation and a positive for the whole community.


How much “final votes” will be later? There will always be people who will not have time to receive their tokens. This will go on forever.

This question is over.


No this should be the final vote. The fact only 45 people voted in the initial voted shows nobody was aware what was going on. People will be now realizing due to lockdrop 3 what went wrong and will want a solution. This is a win win for everyone.

Thanks for replying mate. Yes we all tried to do the right thing but as the final lockdrop and redenomination have not even been finalised why is it not just the right and fair decision to reopen the claim during lockdrop 3. I also agree that it makes no sense to issue PLM when it will only be changed and redenominated. Reopening the claim is just the right thing to show how much the team support th community

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The last proposal on this topic was the final vote, you did not know how to claim your token but you know how to create a proposal? Dam! you just wasting time as this will be an endless loop, when john wakes up from slumber he will also make another final proposal


How You want to do it technically? Those tokens were not minted, smart contract is closed with one function - ETH claim from SC available. Where do You want to get those tokens from? Why ones should have another rules than the others and previlage for late claim? How long should the window be open So those unclaimed can come back and do So? What If we will open claim window, 85 % od those who Did not claim will claim and rest will still not? What should we do when in 4 months from Now someone who still not claimed will Wake up and want to claim??

Do You have this covered anyhow in Your proposal? Those should be set or proposed for discussion also as those are importand details of whole request and whole case…


I want to happen what ever was going to happen if the first vote voted yes. I don’t know the technicals but there is obviously a way.

Polkadot issued its tokens and did redenomination, so Plasm team is on the right track! no once has time to support your proposal

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I just think lockdrop 3 is the perfect time to let people know they have not completed the claim when maybe they thought they had. Please understand the english language. The lockdrop page says ‘sending’ to the address and it say u will ‘receive’ your PLM. This is all I am asking for. I am asking for the words that are literally on the lockdrop site to be honoured. My proposal is just a proposal, if anyone has a better solution I’m all for it. A solution that benefits all like mine, if it is possible seems like the best solution for ALL! What was going to happen if the first vote of 45 people came out yes. Lets do that! The team needs to do the right thing and I don’t understand the negative words from people. It only benefits the community to take away this negativity and allow people to ‘receive’ the tokens that they locked their Eth to ‘receive’. Thanks for your support guys.


please cry offline and blame yourself for being among the 7% of 100% that refused to read and follow instructions, you better go prepare for lockdrop3 and stop fighting over milk you spilled, otherwise u will still want to create a proposal after lockdrop3


Why so negative. Positivity breeds success. Reopening doesn’t affect you so why so emotional about it?

Thanks for your support mate. I don’t understand why people are so negative. It should never have gone to a ‘vote’ cos it is a simple process of I invest my Eth and receive PLM. Not I lock my Eth for no reason. I only propose anothet vote cos th team won’t speak to me and say post on the forum.

We do not need to argue with negative people. I am told by the team if all the people who haven’t claimed show their support to reopen the claim then they will listen. So let’s make our voices heard and not respond to negative people who aren’t affected. You make excellent points mate! Thanks!

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You should have put in same effort while you were locking, well I wish you all good luck and hope you get the plm, if so much push for plm tokens then you believe it will be of good value

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Thanks mate. I have just seen so much negativity for really no reason. I think this great project should support the whole community and the whole community should support each other to get the success we are all hoping for.

The negativity you may be experiencing is most likely a result of the frustrations of seeing someone enter the discussion once again and try to initiate a new “final” vote. Trying to spin your own mistake into this narrative of the team not supporting the community is bound to be met with some level of negativity.


Why is it frustrating for people? It doesn’t affect them. If it was me I’d be happy to reopen cos I’ve never seen a project take someone’s investment and not give them the tokens unless it was a scam and this isn’t a scam. People invested in the lockdrop and locked Eth. Why did they do this? The team have basically admitted they set the system up wrong because the process of receiving PLM after lockdrop 3 is now automatic. All I’m asking for is the same for lockdrop 2.

Give the guy his crypto!
Less spam means more memes!

Exactly lol. Thanks for ur support mate.

It’s frustrating because we hear this argument every once in a while from an individual that rolls in, months after the issue has been resolved and brings it up as though it’s new, hasn’t been discussed, and their idea of a “final vote” is somehow the right thing to do.

It affects us because this forum is for discussion about the project and you are derailing it making weak self serving claims and detracting from what is a small but great team doing their absolute best to build the project.

Again, this was your mistake. and you are trying to change the narrative to this story that the project is taking your investment and not giving tokens.

They didn’t take your investment. you fumbled the steps of a lockdrop, you will get your investment back. They didn’t not “not give” you your tokens, you fumbled the steps that you should’ve followed to claim the tokens correctly, you locked up your own funds without the understanding or asking.

If this was within a reasonable amount of time you would’ve been around for the extended window to claim, or the multiple discussions about solutions. You would’ve been here to vote.

In my opinion you are lucky you signed up for a lockdrop and your funds are out of your hands to punt away through your own mistakes. You should be more careful in this space and understand the project and process you are getting into before you enter it.

Yes they improved the system, that doesn’t mean the lack of communication in round 2 warrants covering your mistake 4 months later.