Your vote counts: "unclaimed token issue" the advantages and disadvantages of voting yes or no

As most of you already have seen the first community poll has been released. This poll is focused on issuing the unclaimed PLMs from lockdrop 2. This would enable people who did not claim their PLMs in the right way to still receive their PLMs. Each individual will have its own story why the PLMs are not claimed, as stated in the vote post deadlines have been missed, but there are also people who didn’t followed the process as it should left convinced they did claim the tokens. I’m one of those in the last situation, possessing a ClaimID but not been pressing the last checkmark for actually claiming the token. Of course I have an incentive to still receive the tokens, so I will not elaborate any further on my own situation.

I think it is good to have a proper and open discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of voting Yes or No. That’s the main reason why I opened this topic and I don’t have the complete or perfect answer to this question. Although there is an old topic “Unclaimed Tokens”, It would be good to have specific attention for discussing in a civil manner about the advantages and disadvantages concerning the PLM community.

One important thing to take into account in my opinion is that the solution for issuing the tokens is not a rollback. Other solutions can be found which may never harm the project. Maybe I’m talking out of turn now, but I could imagine that if Yes has been voted another poll could be issued to the community about the best suited solution. So please focus this discussion to the advantages and disadvantages to building the Plasm community concerning a Yes or No vote.

Please keep things civil and have a proper discussion, thanks!


I too am one of the people stuck in unclaimed limbo - not from any project disappointment or ignorance, I thought I had claimed the process correctly and then you put it on the back burner till the Dot Lockdrop to re-visit… Of course I believe in the project, I locked 5 eth for 1,000 days (a process that has a 25 day claim window) - polkadot is the way forward, it’s exciting to see when it launches para-chains.
I’m sure a lot of you in this community follow many projects right now, and there’s newer ones coming out week after week that you have to research to see if it’s something you want to support. I love the crypto space with all its ups and downs! There’s stacks of telegram groups and discord groups to join to stay up to date, people have work to go to (touché to the ones that have excelled enough to be financially stable to not need a regular job!) and family’s at home. We all do the best we can to keep up to date with everything, but this is definitely one community I want to support - i would love people to see the bigger picture and compassion, we are all supporters of Plasm - it has a direction and a future to drive crypto in the changes that come over the years ahead.


A possible solution for this issue is to enable users in possession of a claimID to get the opportunity to finish the claiming process, for example, during lockdrop 3.

Possibly a mechanism could be used that they only receive 80 or 90% of their initial PLMs. By contributing in lockdrop3 the bonus for participating in lockdrop 1 and/or 2 can compensate on that. Its also an incentive to participate in lockdrop3.

I’m pleased to refer to the post of @geof7 who formulated in my opinion exactly the merit of taking this action as an act of support to those people with unclaimed tokens for a diversity of reasons: Unclaimed tokens

I couldn’t describe it better, the merit is that this action could be an important step in building a strong and supportive community.

Thanks for your message @geof7!


There is no doubt that the overwhelming majority will not approve of it,because community will Follow the right path

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One liner - Please vote no to mint the unclaimed tokens for the individuals who failed to claim their tokens.

Disadvantage - Any Rule/policy can truly be overturned if a small % does not like the rules they already signed up for. Simply, make a few posts on this and attempt to write up some sympathy story.

Below are my honest opinions, and opinions nonetheless. So no apologies from me to anyone that perceives this as an offense. idgaf. Opinions on why this is your (users who failed to claim) fault.

Opinion 1:
It’s like when you start your very first job and setup a direct deposit with your employer. You know you put in the time to earn your salary. So you are expecting your employer to hold up their end and pay you when it’s time. Obviously they provide you instructions on how you can receive your pay. You opt for direct deposit. When it’s payday, you are expecting this money to be in your account which you used for the direct deposit. Are you checking on payday or are you simply saying you will not check until 2-8 weeks later to confirm if you actually received what you agreed upon with your salary? I highly doubt you are waiting. I believe everyone is checking their bank accounts to confirm they received what they are owed. Simply put, those who did not claim, failed to do their DD. Fault is not to fall on anyone except for that individual. *This is probably a bad analogy, but I don’t give af.

Opinion 2:
I would like the community to veto this. I’m surprised it had to come to this. We are responsible for all of our own actions especially when it involves financial decisions. In this case, we had a chance to participate in plasm’s lockdrop. I see this as an opportunity to accumulate plasm token at the face value of $0.00. I am not giving up any ETH for these plm tokens. I am locking up my ETH which is sitting around collecting dust anyways. Each one of use made the decision to participate in a lockdrop. If you did not know about what you signed up for, shame on you. Zero sympathy from me. Whatever excuse you wish to say, save your breath.

Opinion 3:
Google is a great tool to use. Another bonus for me was that The Crypto Lifestyle took time to explain as mush as he possibly could to ensure the community or those who wish to part take in this, is fully aware on how to proceed. He even did a video showing how to do this…If you do not take time to get involved in something that involves finances, then what are you truly expecting? Everything handed to you just because you are participating in a lockdrop where you “would” of used your eth elsewhere? If that or any “justification” (I say excuse) you wish to say to yourself and this community on why you failed to take action from the very beginning is truly on you and I say again, you truly did not realize what you were signing up for. What if you fell into a scam? This is a learning lesson to those who half a$$ it.

Opinion 4:
We all have personal problems, normal work, drama, bull $hit in our lives, but only YOU can put time aside for yourself and make the sacrifices given your situation to dedicate more time into make decisions involving a monetary value to better yourself or your personal life.

Opinion 5:
We shouldn’t even have to vote on this as everything is on the individual who is participating in the lockdrop.

Opinion 6:
To those who view this as an investment, I will ask, what did you pay for a token with zero financial value at the time and still to this day? Nothing at all. If you were to say, you would of invested in something else, then truly you failed to understand what you are doing when participating in this lock drop. When I signed up, I read everything I could find. When I used my 99.9 eth which was sitting in my my wallet, to lock in, I made sure I created a plasm wallet. When I claimed all of my plm tokens, I confirmed they were actually in my account. I confirmed on the network as well. I took time to research…If you don’t have time to spare, make time. It took me 5 minutes to claim and confirm everything the moment I received the approvals on my lock.


Nailed it totally agree with your opinions their was plenty of time and if you in crypto you need to know what you doing because one mistake can cost you a substantial amount of time and money and no one wants that.


Thank you for your thoughts. Almost agreed. I am a little bit skeptical that unclaimed people are really interested in Plasm Network.

One of the big reason is that it takes around 2 months after closing lockdrop. If they are really checking Plasm Network, I believe they should have mentioned this topic much earlier. However, this is a hindsight opinion. We need to see whether unclaimed people will contribute to the network or not if we issue tokens.


I forgot to claim, but I’m glad that the community provided such an opportunity.
This proposal will be rejected, but I will only act in my own interest.


Opinions are very appreciated, and they off course may differ. Everyone has its own perspective.

I still can see the merit of providing room for discussion about this issue and the possibility to vote. And yeah it could be that people are even after providing the possibility for claiming unclaimed tokens not devoting their time fully to the project. I dont think thats a bad thing actually and doesnt mean they are not interested. Some people could also devote their time with ups and downs off course still being ambassadors.

Imho i keep believing its a merit when being a supportive community enabling to resolve issues for people who made a mistake. As long as the solution is not harming the project and is potentially constructive for growing an inclusive community as a whole. And yeah providing the room for voting for it is an important part of that, it will be reflecting general opinion of this community which is under construction.


I’m not one of to forget claim the tokens, but I think that if we want the project grown and became a big community we have to understand that not all people are the same and know the same. And as I read, it’s a 6,9% I don’t think is a small part, it’s a big part of the community, so I want to support them so we show we are a united and strong community.


To be clear, for voting one needs to be at trust level 1 in this forum preventing bots to vote:

Some minor time needs to be spend to enter level 1:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

don,t agree any more

I think this is a very difficult problem. And I think 6.9% is a big number. But I disagree with mint Token for those who didn’t claim.
First of all, I think it’s important to follow the rules in every world. I think that the world where the results of setting rules can be changed by majority vote is a very uncertain world. For example, if you send money to a contract that does not have withdraw implemented on Ethereum, that Eth will never be returned. This is because of Ethereum’s rules. Therefore, in order to execute a smart contract on Ethereum, it is necessary to thoroughly check the contents of the contract.
Since this Lockdrop straddled two networks, Ethereum and Plasm Network, it may not have been possible to confirm the contract. However, the Plasm Network community has always been open. The core team improved the UI, the ambassador posted a lockdrop guide on the web page, and Discord was able to ask questions. I think there was a way to get as much information as the ones published by smart contracts.
And the most important things I want to do are: We, the Plasma Network, and those who support Polkadot, are aiming for the world of WEB3.0. It is a world where exchange of value is realized safely and transparently on the Internet. I think smart contracts are an important concept in this world and they are programmed rules. We should be aiming for a world where anyone can implement and implement transparent rules. Yet, I cannot agree to modify this transparency by majority vote.
And when Polkadot goes live with interoperability, I believe that the disadvantages of network disruptions like this one can be resolved.


I think the number of participants in the forum is small compared to the number of participants in other communication tools such as discord.
If voting is done only in the forum, I don’t think it’s necessary to vote.
Shouldn’t the management make a self-righteous decision?


I would like to hear your opinion. So, what is the best way?

It is super easy to just criticize. Please show us your alternative solution.


I think it’s okay if the management decides on its own. It’s in the distribution stage


I participated in LockDrop twice.
I have just a little technical knowledge, but I’ve always checked Telegram, Discord, Twitter, etc. because I’m interested in the progress of the PlasmNetwork and my assets.
actually, the second LockDrop and token claim was difficult for me. However, I was able to discuss and resolve my question on Telegram.
So people who are really interested in PlasmNetwork could have claimed the token. I wonder if people who unclaimed can really contribute to the PlasmNetwork.


There are a lot of comments on here criticising “Unclaimed Tokens” users, stating that they should’ve been more active, that they are not devoted to the project or they didn’t bother reading the t&cs etc etc.

However, I think the fact of the matter is whether there’s a valid excuse for missing the claim or not is moot point. As a community we should be supportive of each other. If there’s is a solution which will benefit the community (whether how big or how small the affected group is) but at the same time not adversely affect the longevity of the project then I think we should consider it.

Personally, I don’t see how losing the support of 6.9% of the community right now will be beneficial to the project.


I agree here, some community members may be put off by the sour taste, but effectively we should be more supportive.


I also agree, I think they all want to be part of the community and need our support in this matter.