Providing Liquidity for LAY

That’s the point. We need to show both the positive side and negative side.

  • I didn’t use example where LAY outperforms ASTR because of course in this case the loan can be refund.
  • We don’t talk about incubation here but use of the Astar treasury funds, which is common good of all Astar community.
  • My initial question was “is there an external guarantee in case the pool can’t refund”, since there was no response I assumed there is not so I pointed out the risk.

Thank you for bringing that up. I think it has to do with what categories the funds are disburse:

Assuming this is a loan, as you say, there should be financial security. However, the funds should be set at market-appropriate interest rates.

For example: borrow 100 astr due to pay 120 astr, 20% annual interest. I think that’s appropriate. This means that other revenue generated should be attributed to the project and not to Astar treasury.

Assuming this is an investment loan, I think the risk of capital loss should be borne. As you said above, tens of thousands of investments could be lost. However, it may also bring in benefits several times over.


I agree with @nancheng.
Discussions for an investment and a loan should be separated.

Also feel unhealthy if “external guarantee in case the pool can’t refund” include a case the price of ASTR increases.

@bLd759 Thank you for raising the topic. Glad to discuss more.

(btw all the posts regarding this are posted without any communication with Neo. So my personal opinions. Thank you)


I agree there is a difference between loan and investment for Astar treasury: risk is the same but there is a potential benefit.

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Before you start with voting make sure you understand what this poll is about. Read more in the thread above. Voting allowed for members with a minimum of trust level 2.

Why they ask liquidity:

Link to Sota’s proposal:

Provide liquidity to Starlay with the conditions mentioned in Sota’s proposal
  • Yes
  • No

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i think liquidity is needed.


At the moment, lay has stopped falling, although the market is flying into the abyss. there is definitely interest in the project, and a lot of people read the forum, so the result of the vote will directly affect the price. As I understand it, the price will rise due to the result of the vote, it remains to fix it with liquidity.


Might be a very basic question, but how do you satisfy the requirement to vote.
If there is an explanation somewhere on how to be eligible to vote, that would be helpful.
I really like to vote for this topic. Thank you very much!


i agree with that. how to be eligible.

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Trust level 2 on this forum. This is to ensure no spam votes.

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Thank you bro. maybe we need to be more active.

Its not about being active in short period. Level 2 trust is also related on the time you joined and being active in that duration this is to prevent users being active in just a couple of days to gain that level.

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time to level up! I like starlay and hope they indeed do the right thing.


i think (STARLAY) should get one chance to correct all this mess created by themselves. rest is on @sota @Maarten (ASTAR CORE TEAM) and rest of the voters.


even not loan. ASTR price from 0.06->0.048. Astar treasury loss = $100 000.

i think you examples is obviously biased and unfair.

  1. you didnt calculate lay’s price rise side.
  2. In your scenarios, you use the usdt standard when you lend money. Astr and usdt standard conversion are used of confusion. I think it’s very subjective and misleading.

Thank you for the posts @gods @LORD @foefiy6ix :man_bowing:


I think you just didn’t read the post enough, bold is supposed to highlight important infos like number of ASTR tokens missing :wink:


I think we can all unequivocally agree that a Lending protocol is critical for any blockchain network to add liquidity and transfer risk between parties.

Starlay on a product front has been proven to be a very early and effective tool for this.

We can all quibble about price of a token but the Dapp itself is excellent and will be critical to the future growth of ASTR and believe we should support it.

Too many protocols have been way too coy in launching tokens in a tough market but I give LAY a lot of respect for taking their product to the market. We can all be disappointed with price action but these we decisions made by private individuals at a price they saw value.

Nothing has changed with that.

We cant keep having these protocols too afraid to launch tokens into the market. I think we should do everything in our communal ability to support the ones that actually take that risk.