Questions about bonus staking astar rewards

about the astar staking bonus, am I eligible to receive bonuses, would I like to know when we get these bonuses? and where do we win? Do you have some kind of date? Are they sent directly to the staking rewards option?

Hi @Kley

In order to receive bonus rewards you would have needed to start staking in the voting period. Every 4 months / 122 days one period is complete and will return to the previous one.

You can take a look at this Infographic attached below that was made by a fellow Astar ambassador to help explain the process for rewards.

If you have any other questions or follows up to this feel free to ask.

Astar Ambassador and Algem Community Manager


It might be better to ask these questions on Discord rather than a forum.

On Discord, there may already be people who have asked similar questions, so you can find answers before asking.