Questions to Starlay Finance

@SeiyaChida @neo_defi

Based on the recent events that occurred on Starlay in Acala. I would like to address the Starlay team and ask the following questions:

  1. What is the current status of Starlay on Astar EVM side? Is it safe to continue using it?

  2. Report security audits that you have carried out on Starlay and its smart contracts? Name of security companies hired for said audits.


Hi @Amil_Gaoul! Your questions are totally valid and since this is a forum, you can ask them freely. What I suggest is that you better use the thread that is already created to post your questions, here I share it with you:

So we can better follow up on this. thanks!

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Apologies for my late response, and thank you for your question. Following @Juminstock 's suggestion, it would be more appropriate to address this in a different thread. I will answer your questions in the thread indicated by @Juminstock .

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