QuickSwap - dApp Staking Application

Dear Astar community, my name is Darren, a contributor to the QuickSwap DAO - and this is an application for the QuickSwap DEX to be a part of the Astar dApp Staking listing.

About QuickSwap

**QuickSwap is the leading DEX on all Polygon chains and serves as a comprehensive DeFi hub and suite of advanced products, including swaps, LP, farming, staking, a Gaming Hub, and more.

The DEX has been live on Astar zkEVM’s testnet since October 2023 and has been helping facilitate awareness and adoption for the network prior to mainnet launch.

To date, QuickSwap has achieved the following statistics on Astar zkEVM testnet:
$34,213,085 in TVL
~$47 million in 24-hour trading volume
$48,000+ 24-hour transactions
3,388 total trading pairs

How Will QuickSwap Help Astar?

QuickSwap will launch on Astar zkEVM mainnet once live and aim to become a true leader in DeFi on the network by sparking greater on-chain activity, adoption, and visibility.

With the strength of the dragon community and QuickSwap’s large audience, user base, and strong on-chain metrics, the DEX has tremendous potential to accelerate growth on Astar zkEVM.

Smart Contract Security

QuickSwap has always taken a security-first approach with its smart contracts, product integrations, and more.

Currently, QuickSwap’s smart contracts are monitored by Hexagate and Lossless that help detect security threats before they happen and ensure the utmost safety for the DEX.

Deployed Citadels (Chains)

QuickSwap is currently live on 7 different chains, which are Astar zkEVM (testnet), Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, Dogechain, X1 Network (testnet), Immutable zkEVM (testnet), with more plans for expansion and growth in the future.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:

All rewards for dApp Staking through QuickSwap will be used for DEX users and protocol operations including but not limited to:

  1. Liquidity Mining Incentives, Rewards, and Staking Initiatives for Astar zkEVM mainnet users on QuickSwap

  2. Marketing Initiatives that may or may not include reward distribution, user acquisition campaigns, PR (Press Releases and Media Coverage), and KOLs

  3. Maintenance and Development Costs used for ongoing resources to support Astar zkEVM chain continuity (and further product developments and/or audits)

Below are links to QuickSwap’s main social channnels:

Website: Quickswap - Leading DEX on Polygon

Docs: https://docs.quickswap.exchange/

X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/QuickswapDEX

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @QuickSwapDEX


Hi guys! Thx for applying, although I will definetely voted yes but I suggest your team to plan somekind of launch campaign so many users will staked their Astar with QuickSwap.

Welcome to Astar!


QuickSwap’s proposal for dApp Staking on Astar sounds promising! Looking forward to seeing how this partnership will benefit both platforms in our zkEVM expansion. :rocket:


thank you! very excited if the dragons come aboard with dApp staking!

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definitely in consideration! as part of the proposal, there are campaigns and on-chain initiatives that could be planned so would definitely consider!


Glad to see a famous dex like QuickSwap here.


Like my partners says, QuickSwap is a big swap in our ecosystem, and your DeFi numbers are very big. I hope that you can join in our program!


It is a great honor that QuickSwap is interested in joining Astar zkEVM. Please allow me to ask some more questions.

  1. Please help provide details on this part, sparking greater on-chain activity, adoption, and visibility in terms of plans, numbers and Timeline, etc.

  2. How will the communication of this section of dApp Staking Reward Usage come out, such as organizing it as a campaign?


Thank you for applying for dApp Staking!
We are very grateful to QuickSwap for their high commitment to Astar zkEVM, including early support for “zKatana” and participation in “Yoki Origins”.
I fully support QuickSwap.


Thank you for your proposal!
We are honored that a proven dex like yours is coming to Astar zkEVM.

I agree with the proposal itself, of course, but I think that listing on dApp Staking is appropriate only after launching on Astar zkEVM.


Hello QuickSwap Team,

Thank you for your proposal.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your decision to join the Astar zkEVM. Your commitment to advancing the DeFi ecosystem is not only admirable but also vital for the growth and security of the network.

Your focus on security, particularly the proactive measures taken by partnering with Hexagate and Lossless, is commendable.

Thank you for your dedication to innovation and security. Your work does not go unnoticed, and it is with great respect that we look forward to your continued success.


I’d like to welcome you back.
What we need is a powerful DEX, and you’re unleashing it. A platform I actively use is quickswap. Also, Quickswap’s deployment on Astar zkEVM can attract the attention of other important dexes and we can create a strong and good competitive environment.


Would love to, thanks for your support and excited to be a part of the Astar community!

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thank you very much for the kind words and the QuickSwap community looks forward to joining forces with Astar!

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that is the plan, would be once live on Astar zkEVM mainnet (currently deployed on testnet)


Amazed by the detailed proposal of Quickswap :grin:
I’ve already tried Your DEX on zKatana and I liked the UI and the overall experience. Hope to see the AggLayer feature available on Quickswap to unlock the infinite possibilities of DeFi. You have my support :handshake: :grin:


Thank you for applying, QuickSwap is well known project and already supported Astar zkEVM testnet, overall, I am in favor of “AYE” this proposal! I would like to know the Usage breakdown, any percentage for the different categories? I am quite interested in those user acquisition campaigns for Astar, it would be great to hear some more details!

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I am really happy to see powerful dex at Astar Network. Welcome to Astar. I am believing ZkEvm will be more powerful with you.


It is an honor to have QuickSwap with us. I believe it is an important step that will mark a new stage of success for our industry.


As Astar ZKEVM is using matic CDK, it’s always welcome to any matic DApps to join our new mainnet!
Who knows you will join the ASTAR mainnet too later :wink:

I hope with the new DEX coming, a new degen wind will blow.