RAIR Dapp Staking Proposal

I am happy to See here project from Sony program.

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After reading the documentation and the proposal itself I can only vote yes :grin: Glad to see dApps like RAIR applying to the dApp staking system :clap:

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Voted Yes!

Gaius, Astar & Polkadot Ambassador :astar:

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Thanks everyone! Happy to answer any more questions before voting closes - looking forward to the new polygon zkEVM partnership as well! Great news on the scalability, privacy, and business development front for Astar

Voted yes, let’s grow together fam!


Congrats!! The voting is passed. To proceed with the registration, please do the following:

  1. Have a native substrate account with transferrable 1001 ASTR. Share the address here.
  2. Have a verified smart contract and share the contract address here.
  3. Add #astar-network, #dAppStaking tags to your GitHub repo.

We will whitelist the addresses.

Awesome we’re excited.

  1. Our native address is akY75uY98EaMe18NidbpEkJeRZFUurtY3w9hK5jchDgAUxe
  2. Our devs are going to use subscan to verify. Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer We tried a few months ago and the package for deployments wasn’t handling the gas price for astar correctly, but will try again.
  3. Adding tags to the github repo and update with our latest solidity codebase GitHub - rairtech/solidity: public repo for RAIR solidity code

Will check back in as soon as we’re done!

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If they can get the attention of B2B companies then the project will explode, successful guys, there are many NFT marketplaces but whoever makes the difference will be the winner.