B2E Proposal - DeStore Network

As part of the Astar community, we are excited to share our Astar Proposal for the Build2Earn program. We’re eager to receive feedback, whether it’s thoughts or criticism. Our journey in building the DeStore Network has brought us to a crucial point where we’re ready to take the project to the next level. Your input is invaluable as we work towards our goals, aiming to revolutionize how e-commerce is experienced by the Astar community and the global audience. I encourage everyone to voice their opinions and contribute to our collective success. Thank you!

Read the full proposal for more details, check out the summary below.

Full Proposal - Astar B2E Proposal - Google Docs
Discord - DeStore Network
DeStore Network Introduction - https://youtu.be/Kzlzfyf7VSA
DeStore Interview with Polkadot Relayers 2023 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZnPGIJr6q8


Our Build2Earn proposal aims to attract 100 million $ASTR through DApp staking, collaborating with e-LogiT to establish DeStore in Japan. DeAR, our user-friendly wallet with built-in Sony AR features, simplifies Web3 entry for “no coiners” by offering Digital Twin Claim Cards (DTCCs).

The proposal targets Astar’s ecosystem expansion, empowering stakeholders and facilitating entry for web3-curious enterprises, potentially impacting Japan’s $210 billion e-commerce.

Stakers with 25,000 $ASTR or more can gain access to our special channels in our Discord and eligibility for DeStore’s private funding round. Community benefits include airdrops and ¥100 worth of $ASTR for DeAR downloads, converting “non-coiners” into stakeholders. Funding allocation splits between development costs and onboarding a Japanese team.

DeAR addresses the complexity of Web3 entry for newcomers, promoting Astar’s growth. The roadmap includes live trials, DTCC issuance, and collaborations with Astar and Sony. Revenue strategies involve charging brands for DTCCs, consulting services, and exploring partnerships with e-LogiT and other brands. The long-term plan includes global expansion, community building, and financial management.

Our professional team, milestones, and partnerships showcase DeStore’s commitment to revolutionizing decentralized commerce. The proposal concludes with an invitation to support our vision for a brighter future in decentralized e-commerce within the Astar ecosystem.


G’day team!

I know Josiah and Dustin for couple years. Also the idea of Destore which is being worked on hard for a while. Very talented people. Great educators and promotors of Dotsama space. I am sure the same goes for six other members of the team.
You can definitely count on my support taking the project to next level with Astar community.


Thank you, this means the world to us! We have put in a lot of work over the years to get to this critical inflection point. So, seeing how far along it’s taken to get here, we appreciate your input!

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Hey Dustin! Great to see you here. Thanks for the proposal.
Could you elaborate more the roadmap and milestones?


Great to see DeStore here!

What is your strategy in terms of getting into Japanese market?


The project looks interesting. Could you please provide more information?

  1. What are the strategies, short-term plans, and long-term plans for the project?

  2. Who are the direct and indirect competitors of the project?

  3. Where does the project’s revenue come from and how is it generated?


:warning: didn’t read the full proposal

Hola :wave:

I got a message that here sits a propsoal from Dustin and Josiah.

I’m here to support it.

I’m a big fan or real stuff.
Thats quite unique in the Blockchain space. Seriously ^ ^
DeStore aims with their hybrid approach top notch.
NonCoiners alias the big majority buys things.
If there is a buy, there is a sell, if there is a sell there is a sustainable buisness, kind of thinking < 3

Yeap thats my supportive comment.

Cheers everyone :sun_behind_small_cloud:


We added more details to our full proposal. Below I have attached our roadmap here for reference. Thank you for your comments, feel free to ask more questions!


Hi Matt, Josiah here the Founder of DeStore.
e-LogIT wants to be the forefront of logistics in e-commerce and are the biggest 3rd party logistic provide in Japan they want to offer our solution to there customers. They have 200 + entertainment Japanese companies that they believe will like our product.

e-LogIT has aggreged to offer introductions and support.


Thank you for giving us your support! We are excited to take DeStore to the next stage! Our staking revenue will allow us to further our development by bringing RWAs to e-commerce!

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Sounds great, thank you!


Greetings Destore fam,

It’s a pleasure to see you all here.

Initially, i´m highly supportive of Destore’s potential listing on the dApp staking platform. The team exhibits a commendable commitment and possesses grand ideas, constituting an excellent project. If it comes to fruition, it holds the promise of delivering substantial benefits to both users and the broader ecosystem.

I would appreciate some clarification on a couple of matters:

Firstly, the proposal begins with a requirement of staking 100 million $ASTR tokens in the dApp for the full implementation. This figure seems rather challenging to attain, potentially taking months or even years to establish a community capable of reaching such a threshold. Given this, could you elaborate on short-term milestones achievable with fewer resources from the dApp staking?

Secondly, in regards to community incentives: Rewards commence for those staking 500k+ $ASTR in your dApp, equating to over $34,000 at the present valuation. The number of holders with such a significant amount of tokens is notably limited. I bring this up to inquire about your strategy for community development on Astar Network and your approach to attract a broader audience of stakers beyond the perspective of super holders with 500k+ tokens.


Hey, everyone!

I just finally saw this proposal and wanted to chime in. Full support for Dustin and the DeStore Network crew. They have been stalwart proponents of the ecosystem and I love the idea of expanding the team to include a specific Japanese subset. Knowing what I do about Japanese culture, having team members who are native speakers and can correctly convey the broader ideas of e-commerce and Web3 makes perfect sense.

Would love to see this succeed to further expand the reach of Astar Network!

Best of luck,



Wow, I´m imressed :exploding_head:
The possibilities are endless, I’m very happy to see new and particular uses that combine the digital world with the physical one.
Great presentation that leaves me with just a couple of questions about marketing and global expansion. I would like to know what ideas you have for the Asian markets (perhaps a collaboration with Candy Girl which needs no introduction) and how you want to grow DeStore’s presence on a global level :smile:


Hey Dustin, Nice to see you here!

DeStoreNetwork started build their project near to 1 years ago. On this process I had opportunities to meet with them. I love to what they are building. These days, we should careful to select who is applying Astar. Astar should grow with the projects. And DeStoreNetwork joined the Sony program.

I am supporting DeStoreNetwork.

Let’s build the future together!



Hi Vasaking,

Expansion will only be limited by our budget this is where this proposal comes into place. In the first 12 months well need to focus on building a quality product, and we need the community’s support to do this: not just in bug testing but buying and selling.

Our goral is simple: democratise our solution so brands can become self sovereign

by leveraging Astar’s dApp staking infrastructure this proposal will act as a Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) on the Astar network. So that Individuals can invest along side VCs by doing our funding this way we hope to rise a strong community so that through network effect we will disrupt commerce.

Our Hybrid Assets model can be applied and use on many assets.

once our testing phase goes thought we will partner with 3-5 DAOs and connect them with establish e-commerce brands in Japan with the idea of a joint venture between the 2.

Also we are currently looking for bug testers if you would like to get you hands dirty. :beetle: :evergreen_tree: :rock:

Josiah Kotzur
DeStore Founder and CEO


Thanks Leo, you support is very much appreciated!

Josiah Kotzur
DeStore Founder and CEO


Thanks Punky,

I have personally been to 8 countries s the past 6 months pitching to people and in that time. The Japanese undershoot our logic from the start. While the markets is bigger in the USA and the EU, we need to focused and we believe in aligning our self with we Astar and its position in Japan we can onboard millions of nocoiners ( hopefully Billions) via ecommerce sales and expand to other countries at a later stage.

Josiah Kotzur
DeStore Founder and CEO


I would like to share my support for this proposal! The proposal is innovative and a little bit ambitious :slight_smile: The integration of DeAR, with its Sony AR features, appears to be a smart move in simplifying Web3 access for newcomers. This approach not only makes the technology more accessible but also helps in bridging the gap between traditional and digital commerce. The concept of Digital Twin Claim Cards (DTCCs) is intriguing and could be a game-changer in how consumers interact with e-commerce. I am also glad to see that Nova and subwallet, talisman, AEM+ all shared interest in collboration!
I would like to recommend that the 500,000 $ASTR threshold for stakers can be lowered, to get more people involved, or maybe have a different threshold for different tiers. Is that airdrop for the whole community or only to those who stake over the 500,000 $ASTR, it might end up with only a few big whales in the community with that threshold, unless I miss something about getting more people involved in the community.
Overall, I am quite excited and glad to see DeStore would like to join Astar eco!


Great pickup and gooooood questions! :star_struck:

It was meant to be 50K ( $2,500) USD @ $0.05 ASTR we have been writing this for quite while with many adjustments, I have changed this now to 50K ASTR.

The 100M ASTR this our goal, we have been building already with minimal funds for 2.6 years. Our overheads are very low and we are driven by passion and the goal of disrupting commerce. Because we are offering equity we believe will be attractive VCs whom we have personally invited to stake on us. Our proposal is fair with minimal risk, if they already back Astar and the can liquidate at anytime due to the liquid staking.

The B2E model does not give us any security, but it gives us only hope for a income and and community to contribute and us to reward them for their support. We value being truthful in our situation we decided to state that at the very beginning. The Staked funds are not locked so if we ever do not impress you can remove your funds.

Given its a average of 50K ASRT as long as you keep 1ASTR in staked you could just hold 100K for 3 months and then remove 99% leaving only 1ASTR and you would be eligible for equity.

That being said we are resilient and have been building for 2.6 years self funded our intention and direction is clear. We also will be applying for Polkadot grants, as well as the the Decentralized Futures ( Web3 Foundation) while there will be some overlap this particular B2E proposal is targeting or focused on Astar and Japan.
We also have VCs on the sideline that once we have a few more enterprise MoUs signed they will Invest. I personally preferer to do all 100% of our funding via dApp Staking but we will just have to see how it all evolves.

Ultimately no staker here is investing in us, they are investing in ASTR and using their coins to vote for us as a builder.

Regrading short term milestones
We are bringing forward a new product that we have been building on Astar Chain since March 2023 - We should have been involved with dApp Staking earlier however we needed to focused on building, as community posts and messages comes at at a cost in time.

The road map we have made is what we are targeting regardless of the outcome of dApp staking - you could call it blind faith. If we do not get the funds we require the only thing that will change the delivery timeline.

Josiah Kotzur
DeStore Founder and CEO