Register PEN as an XC-20 asset on Astar Network


This proposal is to register PEN on Astar Network.


As part of the HRMP integration between Pendulum and Astar, this proposal is to register the native token of Pendulum, PEN, as an XC-20 asset on Astar.

This purpose is to make the PEN token available to the Astar community via leading DEXes in the ecosystem.

Future plans also include use cases like single click off ramping, cross currency swaps and Stellar network liquidity via the recently launched Spacewalk bridge.

Technical details

Token information:

  • Asset name: Pendulum
  • Asset symbol: xcPEN
  • Asset Multilocation:

Multilocation: { parents: 1, interior: { X2: [ { Parachain: 2094 }, { PalletInstance: 10 } ] }}
Decimals: 12
Name: Pendulum
Symbol: xcPEN


As with the HRMP Channel I am in favour of this proposal.

I simply support the proposal to include PEN.

Of course I agree, welcome!

This sounds like a very interesting project! I’d like to ask a few more questions to get a better understanding.

  1. From a business perspective, what are the expectations for the number of users?

  2. What was the previous performance for this project?

I agree with this proposal.

I’m all in, let’s do it!

Cool , let’s do it !

Yes absolutely right this is a no brainer let’s connect!

Like the XCM interoperability between Pendulum and Astar, I support the registration of PEN asset in Astar.

I fully support the proposal!!

Register PEN as an XC-20 on Astar Network
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain
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I support the inclusion proposal, of course!

Voted AYE, let’s do it.

Would be good to have this proposal executed. So, i voted AYE :white_check_mark:

Aye! Looking forward!

My vote is yes! Great proposal!

This is a simple “YES”!

Fully supported this proposal =)

I support this.
Diversity is very important for the future of our network. I fully support it.