Shiden - Lucky dApp Staking program

GM Astar Friends,

I am GuiGou, Astar Tech Ambassador, and I am glad to write this proposal for the Lucky dApp Staking program on Shiden.

About Lucky:

Lucky is a dApp built on top of dApp Staking in Astar Network. If the user stakes on the Lucky dApp, he will still receive the rewards from the dApp Staking, and furthermore, he will have a chance to win extra rewards. It’s a no-loss lottery!

The dApp is built with several ink! smart contracts, a subquery indexer, and off-chain workers (scheduled jobs). We plan to replace the scheduled jobs with phat contracts to improve decentralization and demonstrate the interoperability between ink! smart contracts (Shiden/Astar) and ink! phat contracts (Khala/Phala).
Next, we will add extra features.

The dApp is already live in Shibuya.




Github for the contracts:

Github for the indexer:

Github for the workers:

Github for the UI:

The Team:
GuiGou: Tech Ambassador for Astar and Ambassador for Phala and Unique
Arno: Ambassador for Polkadot, Phala, Acala and Talisman Sentinel

Many Thanks


Have you shared this on Shiden Dao discord?

Now, It’s done.Thanks for the reminder.


Very excited to see Lucky coming in on Shiden, leveraging Ink! smart contracts, great job here, I’ll support this proposal!


I know Lucky dApp ( WASM contract ) exist long time in shibuya. But ???

Now, I get it exactly :sparkles: So I move all my $SBY to Lucky dApp and pray to win extra rewards.

I hope LUCKY spreads more and more, $SDN, $ASTR ----- :four_leaf_clover:

— add 05/06 12:30 JST —
I got it !! LUCKY :four_leaf_clover:

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The proposal has been approval.

And the dApp is live on Shiden!
Thanks to all swanky guys :pray: