Some proposals for Plasm team

  1. I think after Polkadot/Kusama auctions we will see tremendous influx of Ethereum base depth. Because it’s practically seamless and beneficial for developers of already working dApps. In this case, it`s very important to become a first choice platform for this because it will ensure fast growth of Plasm Network usage.

Does Plasm team have a contacts with the developers of biggest Ethereum dApps like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer, AAVE and others (and not biggest dApps too :))?

From my point of view it`s an important part of business development work, which should consist of 2 main parts:

  1. Creating of comfortable conditions for migration on Plasm Network: migration guides in text and video formats etc.

  2. Increasing awareness about Plasm Network possibilities among Ethereum dApps developers via direct connections, hackathons etc.

If we talk about direct connections we can start with simple one page presentation for developers based on Plasm unique sides (What makes Plasm unique?).

According DappRadar (Top ethereum Dapps | DappRadar) there are about 2000 active dApps on Ethereum and it`s no too hard to have contacts with most popular part of them.

It would be great to complete this work before Plasm Network launch as a Polkadot parachain. Also a launching of at least 1 well known Ethereum dApp on Plasm straight after parachain auction could be a good marketing ploy.

Maybe team has a different engagement strategy for existing Ethereum dApps?

  1. Also, I think it would be nice to update the design of Plasm Network site and communication channels (Plasm/Shiden Twitter heades and others).

To deliver Plasm uniqueness and goals quality infographics/GIFs, etc. can be used (not only text) (Logo already at work, I know)

Better (more modern) and informative design will be helpful for more users and developers involvement.

Plasm team is focused on product delivering (and it`s great!) but design is important too.

Thank you for your attention.


Thank you for your proposal. We notice this before and we are working on some of your proposals already.


Hello @igporoshin it is coming soon!


Yes, that’s great and impressive design! Thank you for update :slightly_smiling_face: