Proposal for Plasm team

Hello :wave:
If there is a white list for the DOT / PLM auction for Polkadot, then there is an proposal:

  • the white list indicates the number DOT that the participant is ready to block, but there is no GUARANTEE that he will do this.
  • the planned number DOT to win is a very important factor
  • the participant can decide at the last moment to block DOT in different projects
    Add 1-5% PLM to a participant who:
    1 registered in the whitelist
    2 wrote the amount that he will block (for example 50 DOT)
    3 wrote the day when he will bring 50 DOT or it will be set by the team (for example, 1 day after the start)
    4 it must have NFT plasma
    5 …
    6 …

You can change points, but the main meaning of this proposal is to make the Plasm team more confident in the number DOT for a winning strategy


Thanks for your proposal.
There is a lot to take into consideration when working on a strategy for a PLO. The Kusama auction will teach us a lot. We can finetune our strategy for the Polkadot PLO after we become the first Kusama parachain ;-). We had great insight from the community organizing a whitelist for Kusama but doing this for the Polkadot PLO is under consideration.

Today Kusama released more information about the auction and crowdloans so we keep on tweaking every day and we still need to get more information because some parameters are still unknown. Let’s first focus on the Kusama PLO and strategy. Thanks for your proposal!


Have the option to get token rewards with a “seed” value and create a site (DEX) connected to Astar and Shiden where you can put them in staking to one year with high reward percentages to give solidity to all the projects that come out with the help of the Astar & Shiden community might be a good option. In this way, it would be given a solid base in its launch to the market and minimizing the price drop due to the sale of pre-sales.

In my humble opinion I say this in case it can help.

Also having a preferential option in the pre-sales for having helped to carry the project forward would also be another idea. So we could continue supporting projects from Astar & Shiden without having to go through having polkastarter tokens, for example. Perhaps in this way people would say wow, keeping me as the holder of Astar & Shiden gives me many options until the project’s exit and its consecration.