Plasm DAO Proposal

Hi All
Plasm has shown how supporters as a community when you put community first and involve them through Lockdrop…

I think its time to take it to next level and lay down the plan for Plasam DAO and empower the community in governance of the network

This would make every Plasm network holder empowered and also involve them in taking the Plasm vision forward



Hello VD,

I would like to know the following topics.

  • What is DAO in your definition?
  • What are the strategies to make DAO happen on Plasm Network?
  • How can we make the community governance on Plasm Network?
  • What does the token economics looks like?

Thank you in advanced.


Yea, as Sota mentioned.
Making a DAO is super difficult to design…
DAO is kinda utopian topic to me.

I think it’s good idea. But this can wait. We have much more important things to do.

Good idea but for the future.