SONOVA - UCG application proposal

Project Overview

Dear Astar community, it is a pleasure to be here. I’m YS, Director at Sonova. We would like to apply for the Unstoppable Community Grant . We would like to request 2M ASTR tokens to be staked from the community treasury starting from the upcoming voting period.


Project Overview


Sonova is the premier NFT marketplace tailored for collectors and professional traders on the Astar Network. Our innovative platform is driven by a team with extensive blockchain industry experience. We are dedicated to supporting and nurturing projects and games that can create sustainable ecosystems.

Our Mission

Despite being a new platform, Sonova is composed of team members with extensive Web3 experience. We believe one of the biggest challenges in Web3 is the scarcity of projects dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems. Our mission is to support and nurture NFT projects and games that can achieve this goal.

We recognize the Astar Network’s extensive connections with giant companies such as Sony, Docomo, and Toyota, which possess excellent IPs. We aim to provide the infrastructure for Astar to collaborate with these corporations, promoting the participation of Web3 native projects in the Astar network. We believe Astar can be a key player in addressing the challenges of Web3.

Sonova will play multiple roles on this chain, including builder, believer, community leader, and user. Each role comes with its own responsibilities and missions. Sonova will journey alongside everyone, striving to provide the best experience and services.

Team members

Director (YS) - He began working in the blockchain industry in 2018 and has extensive experience operating many marketplaces. He managed all Launchpads at Polygon’s NFT marketplace, Dew, and has particularly built cooperative relationships with major companies in South Korea.

BD Lead (Yusuke) - Joined the blockchain industry in 2021, experienced X2Y2 BD, will build a much-loved NFT marketplace in SONOVA.

Partnership Lead (Lemon) - A member of the Sonova platform, early blockchain supporter, deeply engaged with various communities through extensive project research. Rich blockchain knowledge, devoted believer in AstarNetwork.


We are collaborating with X2Y2, a seasoned developer of NFT marketplaces, on technical and security aspects. Sonova will undergo a thorough security audit by X2Y2, ensuring that users can confidently utilize our platform. Additionally, Sonova will engage in a deep collaboration with the X2Y2 platform. X2Y2 will offer technical support and marketing advice to Sonova.

Future roadmap (UCG Commitment)


  • Prepare all necessary documentation and codebases for the audit.
  • Engage with the X2Y2 team for a comprehensive security audit.
  • Implement all recommended security fixes and optimizations.
  • Conduct a post-audit review and finalize the security measures.


  • Officially launch the service to the public.
  • Initiate the launchpad for 6 projects, including partnerships and onboarding processes.


  • Announce and publish the trading volume for July.
  • Review the service performance and user satisfaction.
  • Continue to build strategic partnerships and collaborations.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown

Marketing Activities (100%)

  • Giveaways
  • AMAs
  • WL distribution
  • Influencer Marketing



Hello, thank you for the proposal!
I heard about SONOVA through the WALKMON launch announcement, and I’m excited about it.

I think the team itself has a perfect track record, but there are some things I would like to see them appeal to.
There are already several NFT marketplaces in Astar zkEVM; how will Sonova differentiate itself? What is your marketing plan?

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Thank you very much for the proposal. If I may, I would like to ask a few additional questions:

  1. As we understand, this may not be an upward trend market for NFTs at the moment. What are the team’s long-term plans if the NFT trend does not rebound quickly?

  2. Currently in the NFT Marketplace space, there are quite diverse options for users. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of your project compared to others?

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Welcome to Astar, and Thank you for the proposal!!

I understand that there are six projects scheduled for launchpad, and I’m curious about what kind of projects they are. I recognize that one of them is WALKMON, but I’d appreciate it if you could share details about the others as much as you can.

The proposal by Sonova for the Astar Network NFT marketplace is impressive, especially with its focus on security and strategic partnerships.

How will Sonova incorporate user feedback to continually improve the platform post-launch?

What a well-thought-out platform; the graphical interface looks attractive and appealing. I see that the rewards from dApp staking will be directed towards promoting your product, which I think is great—congratulations on this.

However, this raises a question for me: How do you plan to sustain yourselves? Presumably in the same way as any NFT marketplace, but I would appreciate some clarification :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much for your interest in Sonova. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

  1. Sonova will be focusing not only on PFP NFTs but also assets with multiple use cases such as gaming, entertainment, and enterprise use cases. With the alignment of vision with Astar to onboard billions of users to web3, Sonova believes technical standard of non-fungible tokens are one of the most powerful tool to onboard projects and users on-chain. Hence, uptrend in NFT will definitely facilitate the growth of Sonova but at the same time it is not necessary for the success of Sonova.

  2. We are going to be the only dedicated NFT launchpad and marketplace platform. It is a clear trend that major blockchain ecosystems have winners for NFT platform vertical with dedicated brands such as Blur, Dew, and Tensor. We are going to not only provide an access for high quality curated projects for Astar community but also best class user experience for NFT luanchpad and marketplaces.

Our weakness would be our lack of presence currently in the web3 ecosystem given we are newly launching project. With that said we are being incubated by X2Y2 and forming a strong alliance with Dew to overcome such weakness.

We will be announcing more projects in coming weeks and have been fully coordinating announcement & co-marketing schedule with projects. There are many exciting projects with different use cases such as gaming, entertainment, and Depin. Please stay tuned!


We appreciate your positive feedback on Sonova’s proposal. To address your question, Sonova plans to create a Discord channel specifically for user support and feedback. This will allow us to actively engage with our community, gather valuable insights, and incorporate user suggestions to continually enhance the platform post-launch. Your input will be crucial in helping us create the best possible experience for our users.

At this point, I do not wish to disclose our strategy. However, I can give you a hint. Platforms like Blur and Tensor focus on increasing trading volume. As a result, their tokenomics have become marketplaces mainly utilized by whales. Drawing from their success, we encourage whale participation, but we are also planning tokenomics in which more general users can participate without feeling marginalized. Stay tuned!

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The vote for Sonova UCG application is open on Townhall :

Please vote wisely! :ballot_box:


Can’t seem to find the URL for testing on twitter, google or here. Is it still not published? Would love to try it, before I vote.

Thank you for answering!!
I vote yes through Townhall. I’m looking forward to the launch of SONOVA!!

Thank you so much for youtr answers. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to tell us =)

Hi Sonova team, glad to see your proposal and exposure/shoutout from others!

  1. I have the same question as @you425 asked above about any uniqueness in Sonova compared to the current market places.
  2. Would it be possible to share any upcoming marketing strategy or actions in regard to managing your social media platforms? Perhaps collab with our projects could stimulate it but at the same time, being active regardless of it also would be meaningful.


I’m sorry, but there is currently no page available for testing. Our platform is scheduled for release on July 1st, with the launchpad following on the 4th. Please follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for our official release announcement. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  1. Regarding our unique position in the market, we have a distinct identity compared to other platforms. Instead of adopting a multichain strategy, we are focusing exclusively on partnering with the Astar. We hope this targeted approach will have a positive impact within the Astar community.

  2. We are planning to initiate full-scale marketing once our tokenomics are finalized to provide the best value to our users. As outlined in our roadmap, our primary goal for July and August is to onboard projects onto Astar and actively support their releases.