USAGII Community Update - dApp staking V3 Campaign

USAGII Community Update

GM Astar Frens!

Our team is excited to announce our latest updates for USAGII Community. Read on for some exciting announcements!

January Holder Rewards

We have distributed the latest holder rewards pool for January; amounting to 5299,6 $ASTR. In recent weeks there have been many Paras dApp stakers looking to join the USAGII holders community. Our team will soon make a Twitter repost on the official staking mechanism for better clarity, but here’s a short summary in the meantime! :point_down:

Rewards Pool Distribution (40% of dApp staking rewards)

30% of 40% rewards for holders that stake < 1000 ASTR
70% of 40% rewards for holders that stake > 1500 ASTR
ASTR staked in between 1000 - 1500 will be rounded to 1000

Paras dApp stakers will need to hold at least 1 USAGII NFT to qualify for the holder rewards snapshot at the end of every month. There will soon be exclusive benefits introduced for “pro-active” holders, stay tuned!

USAGII Campaign - Rewards Pool of 600 $ASTR & 6 USAGII NFTs

To celebrate the recent launch of dApp staking V3 on Astar Network, we have launched a special campaign for Astar Community in collaboration with Arkana! Designed to reward Paras dAppstakers & USAGII NFT holders, 6 participants will get a chance to win the rewards pool of 600 $ASTR & 6 USAGII NFTs

How can you participate? Community members will need to complete a set of missions to participate in the rewards raffle. The two main missions are to verify community members participation as a Paras dApp staker and USAGII NFT holder by submitting Astar wallet address (native). Kindly check the mission instructions on Arkana and submit your claim.

Closing Notes

We are closely monitoring the feedback received from all our valued community members, please feel free to shoot us a DM on USAGII Twitter, Discord, or on this forum thread for any feedback. Best of luck Astar frens!

Campaign Link: Mission - Arkana

USAGII Holder Rewards Spreadsheet: Astar reward distribution - Google Sheets


Thank you for the update.
I’m a USAGII holder, so of course, I staked Paras in the dApp Staking v3!
Also, congratulations on reaching tier 4, but you need to advance to tier 3 and beyond to get more developer rewards. Could you tell me the strategy for advancing to tier 3 and beyond?

Hello @terrabeng.astar

Thank you for sharing your updates with our community. As transparency is key, your reports are appreciated.

Please try to limit your updates and information to a single topic and do not create multiple new topics on the forum. You can take inspiration from what @Leo is doing with neurolanche here.

For now, you have 3 open topics, please choose the one you want to keep and I’ll close the others:

Thank you


AT LAST! A new update from USAGII team!

I want to clarify this once more. There’ll never be a staking pool for USAGII per DApps v3, but the USAGII pool and PARAS are one as now?

Also, a little feedback from me since USAGII is a DAO. Would it will be better if USAGII had at least one community channel? Any form is good, web chat/discord/telegram anything.


Hi Paras,

Love to see the details and thanks for sharing the events to have more community participation on your dApp!
At some point, it would also be great to know more about your new product, arkana!


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Hello! Thank you for clarifying. We can keep the current post and we’ll update from here. Thank you!

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Yes, essentially the rewards pool is from being a Paras dAppstaker and USAGII Holder. We had a community channel live on Paras Discord, but we’re planning to make a seperate discord server soon. will update!

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Hello bao! Much appreciate your support throughout our journey in Astar. As far as the direction of Paras is concerned, there will be a massive update coming in the next month or so. Not in a position to reveal much, but this is directly tied to liquidity and general market direction within the Asian/east-asian market. Planning to involve USAGII community in this as much as possible.

“Hint”; DYOR from recent posts on Paras & our socials :orange_square:

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Thanks @terrabeng.astar for tranparency

Awesome! Thanks for sharing

Sound good!!
I’m looking forward to the update and I’ll check your posts out right now.

nice update, waiting for DC group for USAGII

Thank you for your update, keep up the good work!