USAGII Holders Community Update

USAGII Holders Community Update

Dear Astar Community,

As we venture into the new year, the USAGII DAO team is thrilled to share a significant update to the USAGII ecosystem! Aimed to recognize our most valuable and active stakers, the rewards system for USAGII holders has seen much improvement over the past few months. Read on to discover our latest updates.

Tailored Rewards for Every Tier

When we first launched USAGII, we believed in recognizing the commitment of our holders. After careful consideration, the current rewards pool distribution has been fine-tuned to benefit different staking levels across all USAGII holders:

  • 30% of 40% rewards for holders that stake < 1000 ASTR

  • 70% of 40% rewards for holders that stake > 1500 ASTR

  • ASTR staked between 1000 - 1500 will be rounded up to 1000

Seamless Staking & Rewarding

This revamped system allows you to optimize your rewards based on the amount of ASTR staked, and we want to ensure that all stakers are fairly rewarded based on the tiers. For those staking between 1000 - 1500 ASTR, our rewards system now rounds up to the nearest 1000, ensuring you receive the allocated rewards. All holder snapshots will occur every 25th day of the month and refreshed accordingly.

What’s Next?

  • Stay Connected: Join our community channels for the latest updates, get your holder role, and connect with fellow USAGII holders.

  • Spread the Word: Share this exciting news with your fellow Astar community members.

  • Keep HODLing: Your loyalty drives us forward. Continue to HODL, stake, and keep an eye out for incoming airdrops/rewards.

We’re committed to building a community that thrives on transparency, inclusivity, and rewarding our dedicated holders. Get ready for a rewarding journey with USAGII!

LFG To the moon and beyond,

The spreadsheet below records the holder rewards distribution for periods dated November - December 2023. The document is open for public viewing and will be updated regularly at the end of every month

(Astar reward distribution - Google Sheets)


This is a very clear report, with wallets, amounts and transactions, which is extremely important to ensure that the actions mentioned were really executed. Good job!

By the way, I didn’t know they were a DAO :joy:


Hey Paras Team. Thanks for update. I am happy to see your update.


DAO community was formed few months ago! Moving forward we’re going to focus more on the core utilities and new perks for our dAppstakers :slight_smile: Really appreciate the support!


Thanks for the updates and the heads up. Keep up the transparency, as we love to see/hear updates on the ecosystem projects :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update. Nice share of the % for stakers

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Thanks for the update Paras! In other topic related to the WASM NFT marketplace, are you still focusing on the WASM side or you have different plans for next months?

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Thank you for the update!
I have a question about the distribution of rewards. To receive rewards, do I need to be a holder of USAGII and also need to stake it?


Thank you for the update, keep up the good work!

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Hi Paras team, thanks for sharing the report and being transparent! Highly look forward to upcoming products. Proud of being one of the Usagii holders! Thanks!

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Yes, you will need to be both a holder of USAGII and stake in paras dappstaking!


Thank you for the update, keep building!

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Thank you for the response!
When the migration to dApp Staking v3 is complete, I will stake on Paras!

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