Paras - dApp Staking Application

GM Astar Community,

I’m Riqi, Founder & CEO of Paras. This is the proposal for the Paras dApp Staking program.

About Paras:

Launched in December 2020, Paras was one of the first Dapps launched on NEAR mainnet. Paras built and grew the NFT ecosystem on NEAR and became the biggest NFT marketplace there with 95%+ market share. In 2021, Paras raised $5M to expand the endgame of NFTs.

Paras achieved 800k+ txs and US$25M+ in volume in 2022. Paras has 57k+ followers making us the go-to partner for any projects launching on NEAR protocol, from DeFi to NFT (150+ partnerships so far).

Paras stored 1000 TB of NFT media with an average of 12 TB/month bandwidth served to our users. Paras API handles 2.5M API requests per day and is used by top projects on NEAR like Sweat Economy, Traderport, etc.

Paras also launched Paras Comic in 2022 as a new and innovative product that leverages the NFT and blockchain technology within the comic industry. It is now available on mobile apps both in Android and App Store.


Launchpad (Live on Astar WASM) :



Venturing the Multichain World:

Since late 2022, Paras team has been searching for new blockchain integration as we believe in the future of multi-chain. We stumbled upon Astar Network, and we believe it is a match made in heaven with a lot of synergies between us.

One key product from Paras is Paras Comic which we imagine will have a lot of synergies with Astar Japan Lab, specifically regarding the IP creation and publishing.

With the vision of expanding the endgame of NFTs, Paras believes that going forward with Astar is the best decision that we can make to achieve that.

A WASM-based NFT ecosystem

Paras is not only a marketplace, its an ecosystem of creators, builders, and innovators pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can be. Our team has 2+ years of experience running and building a WASM-based NFT ecosystem on NEAR and we believe we can do the same thing (or even better!) on Astar Network.

We are committed to building a NFT launchpad and marketplace that will support multiple PSP-standard NFT (PSP34 and PSP37) and later equippable and dynamic RMKR ink! NFTs.

Our innovation, Paras Launchpad, will be the premier NFT launchpad that offers Refundable NFTs. Our innovative refundable feature will provide a safety net for collectors. Whether the user is an experienced NFT collector or just getting started, Paras Refundable NFTs are the perfect way to join the community and experience all that Web3 has to offer, ensuring that users can experiment and explore the possibilities of blockchain technology with less risk.

From creator studio, no-code minting tools, NFT analytics, NFT API, and more, Paras team will build the infrastructure and facilitate the onboarding process of new projects to Astar Network.

dApp Staking Reward Usage

We project the yield from dApp staking to be used for:

  • Operational (50%)
    • Partnerships (Brand/IP/project onboarding)
    • Hiring
  • Infrastructure (25%)
    • CDN
    • Toolings (API, Analytics, No-code tools)
  • Marketing (25%)
    • Campaigns
    • Community Gathering

dApp Stakers Incentives

Paras will reward dApp Stakers and make them part of our loyalty program expansion. Stakers can gain access to exclusive rewards, community perks, and other exciting opportunities, including but not limited to whitelist spots, free NFTs, giveaways and raffles. The incentives will start as soon as our first NFT launch in the next few weeks for free whitelist spots!


It is great to hear this. Thank you for sharing.

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Great launch!!! Everything working well from day one. Excited to see the growth!!!


Welcome, may it be a successful walk for the whole community. Now, I see with little detail, how to win bettors,

I believe they need to be clearer, since there is already a clear division, as follows here.

Are they rewarding punters with the Campaingns / Community 25%?

Join Astar dApp Staking
  • Yes
  • No

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Great project and idea, but. Please do some coding and some more activity on Astar, then apply for dApp staking. Proof of concept and community support needed. That’s my point.

So excited to having you with us. Thank you for building on Astar #WASM!

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@Kabrine not really, the rewards are coming from our partners (mostly NFT projects), we’ll do co-marketing with them and giveaway free NFTs and whitelist spots. The marketing budget is going to focus on onboarding new users into Astar Network.

@AlexPromoTeam we already have working product and already live

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I have tried Paras from the Astar #WASM day, like the idea and I would like to support the Paras


Glad to have you on Astar. Super stoked for the launch!

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