Yearly Award Ceremony for Best Crypto Projects on Astar Network

Hello, Astar! I hope everything is going well for all of you! :v:

Astar Network is expanding, and I believe that this topic should be discussed and it could be really beneficial to Astar, Astar’s projects, and potentially joining projects and companies. So, let me break down this proposal.


The Astar Network has become a popular platform for the development of blockchain-based applications and projects. As the platform grows, it is important to recognize the best projects and teams that have contributed to the ecosystem’s success. To this end, I propose the creation of a yearly award ceremony that will recognize and celebrate the best projects on the Astar Network. The awards will be designed to highlight excellence in various categories and will be voted on by the community.


  • To recognize and celebrate the best projects on the Astar Network
  • To encourage innovation and excellence in the development of blockchain-based applications
  • To provide a platform for showcasing the best projects to a wider audience
  • To build a stronger sense of community among Astar Network users and developers

Award Categories: The award ceremony will recognize projects in the following categories:

  • Best Project Overall: This award will recognize the best project on the Astar Network based on its overall impact, innovation, and success.
  • Best DeFi Project: This award will recognize the best DeFi project on the Astar Network based on its impact, innovation, and success.
  • Best NFT Project: This award will recognize the best NFT project on the Astar Network based on its impact, innovation, and success.
  • Best Newcomer: This award will recognize the best new project on the Astar Network based on its potential, innovation, and impact.
  • Best Community: This award will recognize the project with the most engaged and supportive community.
  • Best Support: This award will recognize the project with the best support system for users and developers.
  • Largest TVL Gain: This award will recognize the project with the largest Total Value Locked (TVL) gain on the Astar Network.

Voting Mechanism:

Voting for the awards will be conducted on the Astar Network forum or through on-chain vote. The community will be given a specific timeframe to cast their votes. To ensure the integrity of the voting process, each wallet address will be allowed to vote only once and has to have either some transactions in Astar or must have some amount of ASTR inside. The winners of the awards will be announced during the award ceremony.

Award Ceremony:

The award ceremony will be held annually and will be a multi-stream event, including Cosmize metaverse and YouTube. The ceremony will feature keynote speeches from industry leaders and experts, panel discussions, and presentations from the winning projects. The ceremony will provide an opportunity for the winning projects to showcase their work to a wider audience and attract more interest from potential investors and users.


Providing attractive prizes for the winning projects can be a great way to motivate them to continue innovating and contributing to the growth of the Astar Network ecosystem. Here are some potential prize ideas:

  • ASTR Prize: A token prize can be given to the winners of each category. The amount can vary depending on the category and the available budget for the ceremony.
  • Media Exposure: The winning projects can be featured in various media outlets, such as online publications, blogs, and podcasts. This can help increase their visibility and attract more users and investors.
  • Marketing and Promotional Support: The winning projects can be given marketing and promotional support to help them reach a wider audience. This can include social media promotion, paid advertising, and other marketing strategies.
  • Award NFT / Badges: Just for honor, create NFTs connected to the winning category, that project can share it with their community and others or for each category create badges pin them in the Astar Portal with the winning projects that can be seen there as a achievement.

Ultimately, the prizes awarded to the winning projects will depend on the available budget for the ceremony and the specific needs of the projects. The goal should be to provide incentives that will help the projects continue to grow and succeed on the Astar Network ecosystem.


The creation of a yearly award ceremony for the best crypto projects on the Astar Network will help to recognize and celebrate the best projects and teams in the ecosystem. The awards will provide an incentive for developers to continue to innovate and build high-quality projects on the platform. Additionally, the ceremony will bring the community together and build a stronger sense of community among Astar Network users and developers. We hope that this proposal will be considered and implemented to celebrate the achievements of the best projects on the Astar Network.

Let me know your thoughts on this proposal and remember all of these points are up for discussion. Have a wonderful sunday!


Very good idea, and I’m all for it as it will boost the Astar Network ecosystem.


Hey @Matt !

Thank you for creating the exciting idea, and I appreciate for mentioning COSMIZE ; )
It would be perfect for the award ceremony as we can stream it on youtube simultaneously and also screen share it in the event. lol
Also, I personally think it would be a good opportunity to have casual communication btw each PJ member since we can interact using avatars.

I know it’s still in draft stage, but as a suggestion ; )

Difference of the max num of chances PJ can receive depending on their field

I think there are categories for NFTs, DeFi, and things that have categories and things that don’t. However, for PJ projects that operate in categories other than those, the options become smaller,
so it would be great if the number of chances could be the same.

E.g. Defi PJ α can be included in almost all categories (DeFi, TVL, Support, Community), but for Utility and Metaverse, there are no categories, so there are only options to be included in Support, Community.


Creating this kind of events is a good way to gain visibility, I support this idea.

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Great Idea, MATT! I support this idea.

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We already have the Build 2 Earn program to do this.

This Yearly Award Ceremony should be funded from Astar Network treasury.This event could prove to be especially advantageous for smaller projects as user adoption is a key factor in dApp staking success. It can be challenging for new projects to attract users to stake their ASTR tokens through their dApp. Many users have already staked their tokens through an established dApp or Astar and may be hesitant to switch because of an absence of motivation. This lack of user diversification is attributed to the absence of incentives for staking ASTR tokens across multiple dApps. However, it is worth noting that this issue is being addressed in the upcoming staking update.

In essence, this translates to an arduous challenge for new projects without an established user base. Despite exhibiting exceptional performance, innovation, and activity, new projects face significant obstacles in attracting users to their platform.

Establishing this event as a closing party at the end of the year would serve as a perfect opportunity to bring the entire Astar community together in celebration. The occasion would also enable the recognition of outstanding projects that have positively represented the Astar network throughout the year. Such recognition would not only serve as a morale boost for these projects but would also inspire others to strive for excellence. In addition, this celebratory event would provide a forum for networking, fostering community engagement, and encouraging collaborations for future projects. Overall, the establishment of such an event would strengthen the bond between the Astar community, encourage innovation, and set a positive tone for future developments. Thank you.

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Hi @Matt ! Thank you for the proposal. We need innovative ideas, and I liked the suggestion of an annual award for the best dApps on the Astar Network.

However, some points need attention:

  1. Definition of quantitative metrics. How to measure “impact”? What is “success”? How to measure “innovation”?
  1. I agree with @Dennis. Dapp staking was developed for this purpose. There is no need for a double reward dApp with treasury tokens. Moreover, a vote can be influenced by projects offering more airdrops in exchange for votes.
  1. I do not support this point in any way. Astar Network is a permissive and neutral blockchain. It should not use its treasury for this. There are mechanisms like dApp staking that serve this purpose - the dApp staking v3 model tends to make the distribution fairer for smaller projects.

Overall, I liked the proposal - I just don’t support token rewards from the treasury. The rest is very interesting, and we should think of ways to make it happen.


Hello @Matt !
Thank you for your great proposal!

This award will also be a great motivation for developpers/teams.

In addition, I would be nice to give individual awards for unique ideas or distinctive techniques employed and so on.

dApp developers have been getting their daily reward from dApp staking yet most of them are sleeping and no improvement have been made on their products. What they have now is still the same as what they launched last year. They have failed depressively.

There is no need to give extra rewards.


There is no need to have monetary prize, this is just the first draft of something that could be really nice for Astar and the community and get bigger after some time! We can start small and simple and finish it on the big offline stage with all the parade. :v:


Looking at the horizon, I see it as a good proposition, challenging and rewarding for creators. More like our Friend @pitcoin777 well put it, they are important points to be taken into account.

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I agree that some dApp developers may not be making significant improvements to their projects despite receiving daily rewards from dApp staking. This raises concerns about the effectiveness of incentivizing development through daily rewards alone.

To address this issue, I propose to set up criteria for evaluating the progress and development of projects that receive rewards from dApp staking. These criteria can include factors such as the level of innovation, user engagement, and updates and improvements made over a specific period.

After evaluating the projects, we can give them a specific timeframe to make improvements based on the evaluation criteria. During this time, we can restrict the claiming of dApp rewards to ensure that the developers are focusing on making improvements to their projects.

If a project fails to make any significant progress during the evaluation period, we can transfer their dApp rewards to the Astar Network treasury or a specific account used to pay rewards to the top projects. By taking this approach, we can ensure that the rewards are distributed fairly among projects that are actively developing and improving their applications.

Overall, it is essential to strike a balance between incentivizing development and ensuring that the incentives are structured in a way that promotes continuous progress and improvement of projects. By setting up clear criteria for evaluation and periodically assessing the progress of projects, we can better achieve this balance and ensure the growth and success of the Astar Network ecosystem.

Something like this can be good. “Non-commercial” products.


That’s an excelent idea! Also I know the guy who is creating their online and offline events from TON eco, so I can talk with him and learn some info from the past experience.

Let’s slowly gather ideas about his matter that we can make it happen in the end of this year, which will be awesome no doubt!