2nd Community Crowdcast - Vote for your favorite topic

Hi guys

We recently had our first community CrowdCast where we talked about Plasm’s past, present, and future, building bridges in our ecosystem. In case you missed this, you can watch it here:

We had a great crowd during the first community Crowdcast, and we hope to see you guys also during our second. Because it’s a community Crowdcast, we would like you guys to vote on some topics you would like to see explained/discussed/learn…

Already on our agenda for the second CrowdCast:

  • Updates regarding Plasm & Shiden Network
  • Redenomination
  • Q&A

Now it’s up to you. What would you like in our second community Crowdcast?
NOTE: only level 1 users can vote, and you can pick a max of 3 topics. Voting will end Sunday at midnight.

  • Kusama parachain strategy
  • NFT on Plasm Network
  • dApps reward mechanism (explainer)
  • Importance of layer 2 (explainer + use-case in Plasm ecosystem)
  • Workshop - Deploying a smart contract
  • Workshop - Creating a token
  • Workshop - How to Ethereum contracts with Plasm
  • Workshop - Building a validator

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Feel free to make any suggestions. Those can be taken into consideration during Q&A or for our 3rd Crowdcast.


Thank you for posting this. I voted - 2nd person to vote. I would like to suggest a possible Q&A from the viewers (5-10 minutes or top 3 questions which receives the most votes?) as I’m sure some questions may arise which may be in correlation to the presentation which will help clear any doubts someone may have.

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At the end of the Crowdcast we have a Q&A where we answer all of the questions asked by the community during the Crowdcast.

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Thank you Maarten. Appreciate your reply

thanks for posting that, feels inclusive

I take all :slight_smile:

Is Hoon on the crowdcast again?

how to become member level1?

To become level 1:

  • Topics need to be entered: 15
  • Read posts: 60
  • Spent time on the forum: 60 mins
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Would be great to hear if Hoon has an update on unclaimed PLM during lockdrop 2. I believe he’s trying to get the info to see what is doable re rewarding non claimers in some way that is able to be done.

I want a all of above option!!!

Done voting. Thanks for this opportunity admin.

I’m never in here, but realizing that this is the platform for decision making, feedback, and community voting or whatnot, I will make a commitment to at least check a few times a day!


Thanks everyone for voting!

We will discuss the Kusama parachain strategy in our next Crowdcast.
More information on when this will take place will be announced this week.

Kind regards