NFT on Plasm Network

Dear administrators, you can see that people are concerned about the NFT topic in the Plasm network from the votes. Please tell us how widely this topic can be developed technically? Are you interested in this topic on the Plasm Network? What do need to implement those NFT ideas that our community will offer below? :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :wink:


Hi Valens

We will offer NFT services on Plasm Network!
If you watch our collaborations, we have one with Bondly and several projects are waiting to build NFT exchanges on Plasm Network.

I’m sure those will be launched soon the moment Plasm becomes a parachain on Kusama and platform is launched. Great times are coming! :wink:



I know a developer with an amazing Ethereum-based NFT project…old project/working project/under the radar mostly(but the most technical nft project I have seen yet). He is also tied in with the Secret Networks developers and helping them with their NFT standard… I won’t name his project, but I will ask him again…

Integrating with NFTs is a good idea… it gives more variety

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