Shiden Network AMA

Ask me anything about Shiden Network!!


Will current PLM holders get SDN tokens, like an air drop? Or do we need to trade our PLM for SDN?

If you hold an amount of PLM in your wallet you will get that same amount in SDN!
It will be at ratio 1:1


What is the need for Shiden Network? What benefits does it provide to Plasm eco? How does each work with each other?

Our main goal is still to become the first parachain on Polkadot but to achieve that; we need to run a canary network on Kusama.

Shiden Network is a canary network that acts as an R&D chain of Plasm Network.
All developments will be launched first on Shiden Network before implementing Plasm Network like Polkadot is doing with Kusama.


“Lockdrops” means that participants who joined our previous ETH lockdrop can get SDN tokens at the Shiden Network genesis.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness to those who decided to go in at an earlier stage. It means so much. :pray:


do you just need to keep the tokens on your wallet to get a CDN? or will they need to be requested

Hello, is there something to do? Or will we instantly receive the tokens?

The name of the token is SDN. Tokens will be distributed at the geesis of Shiden Network. Nothing you need to do.


What can we do to support this network? :+1:

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We will launch Shiden next month and you have several ways to support the network.

  1. The best way is to develop dApps on Shiden Network
  2. Another way is to run a validator node.
  3. The 3rd way is to spread Shiden Network to the world.

Learn more about the token economics and utilities here.


I have PLM in my wallet on
What I need else to get SDN air drop?

You don’t have to do anything. As soon Shiden is launched you will see $SDN in your wallet on this network. Same amount as $PLM on Plasm Network.


We are doing our best to launch in Feb.


Can I ask what are the differences between Plasm network and Shiden network from a technical standpoint? I understand Plasm network is focussing on Layer 2, Interoperability and Connecting Daaps across multiple blockchains and ecosystems. What would shiden network be supporting and how will it differ from Plasm network Utility wise? Thanks

As always I thank the team for rewarding PLM lockdrop holder with SDN tokens in 1:1 ratio. Great to see early users being rewarded :slightly_smiling_face:

Shiden will be the canary network from Plasm.
Like Kusama is from Polkadot.

From technical standpoint they will do the same but on a different chain. Everything will be live tested on Shiden before going live on mainnet Plasm.

Hope thats clear :slight_smile:


A few questions:

  1. Will SDN be transferable?
  2. Will third lockdrop participants also get SDN?
  3. Are there auctions on Kusama network similar to Polkadot?
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Hi chickenpie :slight_smile:

  1. Yes they will, they will not be locked.
  2. Those who will get $SDN are
  • Does who already have PLM in their wallet
  • Only does who participate in the Kusama PLO
  1. Yes they are, Kusama will be a real life testing before going to Polkadot :slight_smile:

Will Ethereum projects (ex: GRT) build their own projects onto Shiden or will they generally build a testnet / canary no-value version of their project onto Shiden, with the real version on Plasm?

Here is the process

  1. Build dApps on Dusty Network
  2. Build dApps on Rococo Plasm Parachain (Polkadot testnet)
  3. Build dApps on Shiden Network
  4. Build dApps on Plasm Network
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