30 days of StarSwap 🙏 Astar SpaceLabs

:tada: Today marks one month of StarSwap.net

Would like to take a moment to thank the SpaceLabs initiative, @moonme, @Maarten and @shnshkw for all the support.

We launched during an extremely bad market condition when everything is being crashed, but the community supported and we succeed to make the platform live.

Would like to share a few things about the platform that we’ve managed to achieve so far.

  • Launched our DEX with a community driven LGE, where 100% of the ASTR added to liquidity.

  • Managed to have a successful launch without any investor/vc support.

  • In the 30 days period the price of $STAR rose from $0.007 apprx to $.18, that’s a growth over 250% in a harsh bear market.

  • Managed to make $700K in tvl and about 3.2Million ASTR in the dapp staking

  • More than 90% of the total supply is locked in staking/farming by users, shows how good the community support is.

  • We now have more than 8000 organically grown members in our community (no gleam campaigns)

  • We have become the fastest (in speed, and UX) dex on Astar (no wrapping or anything’s needed)

  • Stable APR, the one platform with a valuable token :fist:

Our NFT side:

Sold out the DEX governing StarCards within 24 hours.
Sold out Samui before the public sale period.

We are bringing Astar’s first NFT Staking this week, a StarBall, an entirely decentralised defi superball is coming and more…

Thank you again, and thanks for reading :pray:


Love the project, community support is great! Devs respond to questions! Swap is great, NFT staking is going to be groundbreaking for whole NFT space! NFT governance is also a great idea, hopefully this will be the standard


I’ve been with the STARSWAP team almost from the beginning. I love the way these guys work! everything is clear, the movement is exactly on the road map and even faster! but the most important thing is the attitude towards your community, I think this is the main thing. a big plus is that they are doing a really necessary project, interesting. Right now the support for the project is rather small, but I’m sure that in the future it will be one of the main projects on Polkadot. I’m glad that I’m in the team, it’s great!


Congrats. Very happy to see the developement of StarSwap. A lot of support from the Portuguese community, always talking very well about what you guys are doing. :+1:


I can’t help but get excited about this project, and I can’t help but think this is going to be a huge draw bringing people to the Astar. From the beginning, the NFT governance/ownership with fees paid to holders was a great idea - and the art on the cards was super cool.

They could just have the cards and be a novel DEX, but the locking/taxing system that allows you to harvest rewards for each new staked amount that each have their own decreasing tax rate is ingenious as well. The dex works well, it’s intuitive and easy to use and doesn’t over complicate things, and add NFT staking to that to get even more community excitement surrounding the project? Sounds like a recipe for success to me. Very excited to continue using this.


Thank you all so very much! This support means so much @Frankthepizza @defiguy @Dima051 @Himhome.

Absolutely, we can only build a project by building a good community, which we already have. It’s still a long way to go, but we are getting there step by step :star2: