A few days pending transacction

A few days ago i have build and deploy a template on chainide. Te transaction stop pending and i try resend 0 astar a higgest nonce but no sure find the exactly nonce transaction.
Me waiting for auto solve so prefer finally consecute or replace. it was a base templane not much avances into the contract. Only a few hours or minutes. Mostly advantage waiting.
This post probably not correctly situated but respond a remember to reply in other question.
Able to participate


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Hi treebtc, welcome to Astar Network and glad to see you building something on Astar! Typically, such a support can be done via the Discord server, so highly recommend you to open a ticket on the Discord server. In the ticket, it would be great if you can share more details so that more specific support can be followed!

Agreeing with @pithecus. We can give you the best support on technical problems and how to troubleshoot them on discord :).

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